The Joint Australia-Taiwan Workshop
Analysis and Applications

Time : April 15 April 20, 2000

This is the first circular announcing a conference on "Analysis and
Applications" incorporating the joint Australian-Taiwanese "Workshop
on Analysis and Applications" to be held at the Academia Sinica on 
15th to 17th April and 18th-20th at Dragon Valley Hotel & Paradise

The conference organizers are Neil S. Trudinger (Australian National
University, Australia) and Fon-Che Liu (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) and
Hung-Ju Kuo (National Chung-Hsing University, Taiwan). Specific areas
of mathematics and its applications to be covered by the conference
  1. Nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations.
  2. Harmonic analysis and wavelets.
  3. Geometric analysis.
  4. Computational mathematics and applications.
  5. Control theory.
  6. Functional analysis.
Invited Speaker

Time Table

Time Table (with Title)

More specific information including details about accommodation will be
included in future mailings but is available on request. The conference
reception is on April 15th, every attendee is welcome.
Please send a copy of this announcement to anyone who might be interested,
including anyone outside Taiwan who may be visiting Taiwan during the workshop.


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