Invited Speakers

[slides] Title: The geometry of Heisenberg groupHung-Lin Chiu
(National Central University)

[slides] Title: G-invariant Szeg\"o kernel asymptotics and... Rung-Tzung Huang
(National Central University)

Title: Some Myers Type Theorems for Ricci SolitonsHomare Tadano
(Tokyo University of Science)

[slides] Title: Scattering operators for ACHE metrics ...Fang Wang
(Shanghai Jiaotong University)

Title: On the size of compact Riemannian manifolds with...Xiaodong Wang
(Michigan State University)

Title: A sharp estimate of the dimension of Fourier ...Zhiwei Wang
(Beijing Normal University)

Title: Deformation of the prequantum action of ...Siye Wu
(National Tsinghua University)

Title: On L^2 cohomology of the Bergman metric for domains...Liyou Zhang
(Capital Normal University)

[slides] Title: Some results on strongly convex ...Chunping Zhong
(Xiamen University)


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