Fon-Che Liu
Liu, Fon-Che Photo

Fon-Che Liu received a B.S. degree in Mathematics from Taiwan University and Ph.D. degree from Purdue University in the respective years of 1962 and 1968.
He joined the Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica in 1971 as Associate Research Fellow and was promoted to Research Fellow in 1973.
He has been jointly appointed as Professor of Mathematics at Taiwan University since 1974.

He taught at various times at Wayne State University (Detroit), Purdue University (Lafayette), Tsing-Hua University (Hsin-Chu) and Central University (Chung-Li). During the Academic year 1980/81 he visited Universite de Paries-Sud at Orsay.

??His research interests center arround Fourier Analysis, Real Analysis and Nonlinear Analysis. He is fond of hiking and mountaineering. Reading novels is becoming part of his life.

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