Speaker : Prof. A. V. Slunyaev (Institute of Applied Physics, RAS, Russia)
Title : Sea surface wave groups and the inverse scattering technique in the context of rogue wave problem
Time : 2018-07-04 (Wed) 16:30 - 17:30
Place : Seminar Room 722, Institute of Mathematics (NTU Campus)
Abstract: We develop a method for the application of the Inverse Scattering Technique to the analysis of surface water waves and present here some evidence on its efficiency. The general idea is to interpret nonlinear wave groups in terms of soliton-type structures – envelope solitons in the framework of the integrable nonlinear Schrodinger equation. Such analysis can improve understanding of the nonlinear wave group dynamics, and in particular, could help to elaborate tools for short-term wave forecasting of dangerous waves in the sea. The technique may be also applied to the problem of the information decoding in soliton-based optical transmission lines..