NTU (National Taiwan University) => AS (Academia Sinica)

Taxi: You may take a taxi directly to AS from NTU (get a taxi from the street, or ask some one in Hotel or Department of Mathematics to reserve a taxi for you). The fare is about 300 NT.

By MRT (Taipei Metro): Get on the KungKuan Station on the TamSui Line to go to Taipei Main Station. Then change to the BanNan Line to go to KunYang Station (the terminal station). Then you may take a taxi to AS or take city bus Blue 25, 270, 212 (there are two routes of 212, try to get the one with the sign on the margin, which will go to AS in a more direct route.)


A list of Names, symbols of two spelling system

Wade-Giles Pinyin
TamShui = DanShui
HsinTien = XinDian
KungKuan = GongGuan
PanChiao = BanQiao
NanKang = NanGang