2009 Workshop on Complex Geometry

This workshop provides an opportunity for the researchers in various directions of complex geometry to interact and exchange ideas toward prospering future work.

Invited Speakers:
Bin Chen (Zhejiang University)
Karen Chandler (University of Californa, Riverside)
Chiung-Ju Liu (Taida Institute for Mathematical Sciences)
Xiaobo Liu (University of Notre Dame)
Giorgio Patrizio (Universita degli Studi di Firene)
Min Ru (University of Houston)
Jiung-Nan Tsai (Taida Institute for Mathematical Sciences)
Bun Wong (University of California, Riverside)
Pit-Mann Wong (University of Notre Dame)
Xiangyu Zhou (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

News & Events:
16-07-2009 Program At A Glance for download

15-07-2009 Online Registration Open

01-07-2009 Abstract templates for download 1-author, multiple-authors

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