Taipei Postdoc Seminar

Upcoming Talk

Dec. 6 (Wed.) 14:00 - 15:00 Alejandro López-Nieto (National Taiwan University)

Venue: Room 515, Cosmology Building (NTU Campus)

Title: Periodic Solutions in Delay Equations with Monotone Feedback and Even-odd Symmetry


Scalar delay differential equations (DDEs) of the form
are used widely in real-world models that involve discrete-time lags. Such is the case inpopulation dynamics, where delays arise via maturation times, time-delayed feedback loops in laser devices, and heat transfer lags in atmospheric models. Mathematically, DDEs generate initial value problems in (infinite-dimensional) function spaces and often lead to complicated dynamics. However, the situation simplifies vastly under monotone feedback assumptions.
In the talk, I discuss the case when $f :{\mathbb{R}}^{2}\rightarrow \mathbb{R}$ in (1) is
● monotone in the delayed component, and
● possesses even-odd symmetry $f(\xi,\eta)=f(−\xi,\eta)=−f(\xi,−\eta)$.
The goal will be to show that all the periodic solutions of the DDE (1) arise as solutions to a boundary value problem in two dimensions (rather than infinite).

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June 4, Chien-Hsun Wang (NCTS) Mirror Symmetry and Seiberg Duality
June 10, Yi-Sheng Wang (NCTS) Classification of Knotted Objects
June 17, Haewon Yoon (NCTS) Global existence versus finite time blowup dichotomy for the system of nonlinear Schrödinger equations
Sep. 23, Wei-Bo Su (AS) An Introduction to Special Lagrangian Submanifolds and Lagrangian Mean Curvature Flow
Sep. 30, Peng-Jie Wong (NCTS) Cyclicity of CM Elliptic Curves Modulo p in Short Intervals
Oct. 7, Yao Cheng (AS) On the newform problem for split $SO_{2n+1}$
Oct. 14, Jesse Madnick (NCTS) Minimal Submanifolds in Exceptional Geometries via the Octonions
Oct. 21, Yuan Shyong Ooi (NTU) Higher Codimension Minimal Surface System
Oct. 28, Chun-Wei Chang (NCTS) Anticipating the Occurrence and Type of Critical Transitions
Nov. 18, Yasuhiro Terakado (AS) Hecke Eigensystems of Automorphic Forms (mod p) of Hodge Type and Algebraic Modular Forms
Dec. 2, Bin Nguyen (Universidade de Lisboa) Positivity of Direct Image Bundles
Dec. 16, Iacopo Brivio (University of California, San Diego) On Algebraic Invariance of Plurigenera
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Jan. 13, You Hung Hsu (NCTS) Exceptional Collections, t-structures and Categorical Action
Mar. 10, Shih-Yu Chen (AS) On Deligne's Conjecture for Symmetric Fourth L-functions of Hilbert Modular Forms
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Apr. 7, Jun-Wen Peng (University of Rochester) An Embedding of the Arboreal Galois Group for PCF Map
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[Cancellation] May 19, Guan-Ru Yu (Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica) Bijections for Ranked Tree-Child Networks
Sep. 29, Yen-An Chen (NCTS) Boundedness of Canonical Models of Foliated Surfaces
Oct. 13, Iacopo Brivio (NCTS) On Deformation Invariance of Plurigenera in Positive and Mixed Characteristic
Oct. 27, Oguz Gezmis (NCTS) On Drinfeld Modules, Drinfeld Modular Forms and Multiple Zeta Values in Positive Characteristic
Nov. 10, Shih-Hsin Chen (NCTS) On Mathematical Analysis of Synchronization for Bidirectionally Coupled Kuramoto Oscillators
Nov. 24, Kuan-Hsiang Wang (NCTS) Ground States for a Linearly Coupled Indefinite Schrödinger System with Steep Potential Well
Dec. 8, Nicolau Sarquis Aiex (NTNU) Index of rotationally symmetric self-shrinkers
Dec. 22, Albert Wood (NTU) Gluing Constructions in Geometric Analysis


Jan. 5, Jun-Wen Peng (NCTS) Rigid Geometry: Berkovich Spaces, Perfectoid Spaces, and their Application on Arithmetic Dynamics
Jan. 19, Albert Wood (NTU) Gluing Constructions in Geometric Analysis
Feb. 16, Ryota Mikami (AS) Log-concavity and Matroids
Mar. 2, Harrison I-Yuan Chen (AS) Traces of convolution categories
Mar. 16, Ryotaro Harada (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) n Some Linear Independence Results for Special Values of Thakur Hypergeometric Functions
Apr. 6, Tsung-Wen Yen (NSYU) Investigating and understanding extreme events in the financial market using methods based on “algebraic topology”
Apr. 20, Brian Harvie (NCTS) Static manifolds and quasi-local mass in general relativity
May 4, Jia-Wei Lin (NYCU) Structure-Preserving Methods for Computing Complex Band Structures of Three Dimensional Photonic Crystals
May 18, Seonghyeon Jeong (NCTS) Introduction to the Optimal Transportation Problem and the Monge-Ampere Equation
Sep. 28, Nawaz Sultani (AS) Gromov-Witten Invariants of Non-convex Orbifolds
Oct. 12, Marco Sutti (NCTS) Computing Geodesics on the Stiefel Manifold
Oct. 26, You-Cheng Chou (AS) Quantum K-theory and Gopakumar-Vafa invariants
Nov. 16, Rajat Gupta (AS) Koshliakov zeta functions and modular relations
Nov. 23, Yoshinori Kamijima (NCTS) Mean-field behavior for ordinary/oriented bond percolation
Dec. 7, Ryo Yamagishi (NTU/NCTS) A moduli-theoretic approach to McKay correspondence


Feb. 22, Simon-Raphaël Fischer (NCTS) Curved Yang-Mills gauge theories
Mar. 8, Wille Shih-Wei Liu (AS) Sheaves on nilpotent cones and representation theory
Mar. 29, Tzu-Jan Li (AS) On the reducedness of a ring from the invariant theory
May 10, Chien-Hua Chen (NCTS) On Singular Moduli for Higher Rank Drinfeld Modules
May 24, Prasun Roychowdhury (NCTS) Poincare meets Hardy inequality via Criticality Theory
Nov. 8, Kuan-Wei Chen (NCTS) Oscillatory Dynamics in Coupled Systems
Nov. 22, Wei-Bo Su (NCTS) Ancient Solutions in Lagrangian Mean Curvature Flow

The Taipei Postdoc Seminar is a weekly seminar that is organized jointly by the Institute of Mathematics of Academia Sinica and the National Center for Theoretical Sciences during the regular academic year. The seminar is held in these two mathematical institutions, with each one of them hosting the event approximately once every two weeks. The National Taiwan University, Academia Sinica, and the NCTS, together employ a significant number of postdoctoral fellows in mathematics from all over the world every year. The diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds of these postdocs create a unique environment of learning, and the goal of the Taipei Postdoc Seminar is to take advantage of this opportunity by bringing together all these postdocs once in a week in an informal-style seminar to enhance discussions and exchange of ideas among the participants. It is our belief that not only will this seminar encourage and eventually lead to more collaboration among mathematicians in Taipei, but it will also give the participants a chance to broaden their own scientific viewpoints. It is our hope that this seminar will greatly enrich the academic experience of the postdoctoral fellows during their stay in Taipei.

Organizers: Kuan-Wei Chen (, Ryota Mikami (

Former organisers

Yu-Yen Chien (NCTS):Sep. 2016~Jun. 2017
Jyun-Ao Lin (AS): Sep. 2016~May 2018
Yang-Kai Lue (NCTS): Sep. 2017~May 2018
Chien-Hsun Wang (NCTS): Sep. 2018~May 2019
Sheng-Fu Chiu (AS): Sep. 2018~June 2020
Jia-Yuan Dai (NCTS): Sep. 2019~June 2020
Wei-Bo Su (AS): Sep. 2020~June 2021
Peng-Jie Wong (NCTS): Sep. 2020~June 2021
Jun-Wen Peng (NCTS): Sep. 2021~June 2022
Yi-Sheng Wang (AS): Sep. 2021~June 2022
Shih-Hsin Chen (NCTS): Sep. 2022~June 2023
Sz-Sheng Wang (AS): Sep. 2022~June 2023

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