Mini Symposium on Integrability

December 14 (Fri), 2018

Dr Derchyi Wu 吳德琪(Academia Sinica)
Title: The Direct Problem of perturbed Kadomtsev-Petviashvili II 1-line solitons

Dr Bing-Ying Lu 陸冰瀅(Academia Sinica)
Title: The universality of the semi-classical sine-Gordon equation at the gradient catastrophe

(取消 Cancelled)Prof. Juan-Ming Yuan 袁淵明(Providence University 靜宜大學)
Title: Particle dynamics in the approximations of some nonlinear wave equations

December 15 (Sat), 2018

Prof. Yuji Kodama (The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA)
Title: On the Schur expansions of the tau-functions for the KP and BKP hierarchies.

Prof. Jenhsu Chang 張仁煦(National Defense University 國防大學)
Title: The resonant structure of Kink-Solitons in the Modified KP Equation

Prof. Ting-Jung Kuo 郭庭榕(Taiwan Normal University 國立臺灣師範大學)
Title: Monodromy aspect of generalized Lame equation with eliiptic KdV potential

Prof. Chun-Kong Law 羅春光(National Sun Yat-sen University 國立中山大學)
Title: Plancherel-Rotach asymptotics for $q$-orthogonal polynomials

Venue:Room 638, Astro.-Math. Building, NTU