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Taipei can be easily reached by two major international airports, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 台湾桃園国際空港(most of international flights) and Taipei Songshan Airport 松山空港(convenient for participants from some cities of Asia,e.g. Shanghai Hongqiao(SHA) ,Pudong(PVG), Tokyo Haneda(HND), Seoul Gimpo(GMP), etc.). 

 From Taoyuan Airport to Taipei downtown 

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (Airport Code: TPE) which is situated 40km (24.8 miles) southwest of Taipei. It takes about an hour by car to get to most places in Taipei downtown in moderate traffic.

 ► By Taxi 

Taxis queue outside the Arrival Halls of both Terminal Ι and Terminal II of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Airport taxis charge according to the airport taxis meter (highway tolls not included). Typical fare to Taipei downtown is around NTD1,400 (around NTD1,200 to NTU campus and hotels near by). Note: Please ignore any solicitations of taxi service inside the Arrival Hall. Do hire one at the official taxi stop.

 ► By Bus 

There are several long-distance bus companies provide frequent services between Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and downtown Taipei. The trip takes about 60-90 minutes. Ticket counters are located in the Arrival Passenger Reception Areas of both Terminals. Luggage is self served. Adult single fares vary from NTD 125 to NTD150 depending on the location of the terminal stop in Taipei. English flyers are distributed on the ticket counter. Most clerks are able to speak English and Japanese. For more information, please visit

transportation information in English

http:transportation information in Japanese

 You could choose a bus line which has stops near your hotel.After you get down from this bus,the most convenient way to get to the hotel is by taxi.

 From Taipei Songshan Airport to NTU campus 

Taipei Songshan Airport松山空港

(Airport code: TSA) is close to the NTU campus and the Taipei city center.

 ► By Taxi 

Taxi cab can be hired outside the Arrival Hall. The taxi charges according to the meter.

 ► By MRT

Take the Wenshan-Neihu Line from Songshan Airport Station to Technology Building Station directly. 

 Getting around Taipei 

The most convenient way to travel in Taipei city is by MRT

or taxi. The NTU campus is close to Gongguan Station公館 (Green line), Taipower Building Station台電大樓 (the nearest station to Howard International House, Green line), Technology Building Station 科技大樓(Brown line).

(below is old information revised , some data is not updated, but could be taken as reference from context.)

From the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) 台湾桃園国際空港 you can either:
take a taxi directly to National Taiwan University, Taipei or the Hotel where you will stay (NTD=(TWD) 1400 - 1700: note that taxi fare from airport use airport meter and highway tolls ,it would be better to have your destination address in Chinese), or
take a bus (in the arrival lobby when you leave customs) to downtown Taipei (about NTD 150), and a taxi from there to your hotel (about NTD 350). There are several buses from different companies that go to downtown Taipei. There is also a Kuokuang bus between the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and the Central (Main) Taipei Train Station. For those who stay in a Hotel near Central (Main) Taipei Train Station, please select a route of bus with this stop. For those who stay in a Hotel down town, please select a route of bus with a stop more close to your Hotel.
"Depending on the traffic, if you take a bus you should allow between one and a half hours between National Taiwan University (or a Hotel in downtown Taipei) and the Taiwan Taoyuan Airport. If you take a taxi directly, allow for about one hour."

1. Several bus companies now provide frequent service between Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) and important destinations in downtown Taipei. They are as follows:KUO-KUANG(國光客運) MOTOR TRANSPORT; Toward You Air Bus(大有客運); etc.

2. Where to buy bus tickets:(Ticket counters are located in the Arrival Passenger Reception Areas of both Terminals.)

Terminal I Bus Platform: On the southwest side of the Arrival Passenger Reception Area (When you enter the arrival Lobby after customs, the bus ticket counters are on your left hand side.).
Terminal II Bus Platform: On the northeast side of the Arrival Passenger Reception Area on the first floor of the terminal.
3. Adult single fares vary from NTD110 to NTD150 per adult.

Some examples about Routes (Stops, Fare (NTD), Service Hours, Journey Time (minute)) are as follows:

KUO-KUANG(國光客運) MOTOR TRANSPORT. Kuokuang Line [1819 to Taiwan Railways Station / 1840 to Taipei Songshan Airport ]

Route: KUO-KUANG(國光客運) MOTOR TRANSPORT (Kuokuang Line 1840 - to Taipei Song-Shan Airport (at downtown Taipei))
Hsing Tian Kong, Rong-Xing Park, Zhongshan Junior High School MRT station,Taipei Songshan Airport
Fare (NTD): Adult NTD125 Child NTD65
Service Hours: Taiwan Taoyuan Airport 06:10-24:00 Taipei Song-Shan Airport 05:40-22:45
Journey Time: 50 minutes

Route: KUO-KUANG(國光客運) MOTOR TRANSPORT (Kuokuang Line 1819 to Taipei Main Station)
Stops: Taipei School for the Hearing Impaired, Kulun St., Taiwan Architecture Park, Ambassador Hotel, Taiwan Railways Station.
Fare (NTD): Adult NTD125 Child NTD65
Service Hours:Taiwan Taoyuan Airport 05:40-00:30 (Extra Bus schedule, please check the web of Airprot)
Taipei Railway Station 05:00-23:30
Journey Time: 50 minutes

KUO-KUANG(國光客運) MOTOR TRANSPORT( Kuokuang Line [1843] to Taipei Nangang(Nankang) Exhibition Center )
Stops: Ruiguang Rd.(Neihu Dist.of Taipei), Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station (near Academia Sinica Nangang(
or spelled as Nankang) Campus, take a taxi.)
Fare : Adult NTD115/Child NTD55

Journey Time: 80 minutes
Toward You Air Bus(大有客運) to City Hall Bus Station, [2060]
Ruengshieng Garden, MRT Zhong-Xiao Fu-Xing St, Howard Plaza (from here you can take a taxi to your Hotel).
, Far Eastern Plaza, Grand Hyatt Taipei, City Hall Bus Station
Fare :Adult NTD145/Child NTD70
Service Hours :Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport : 05:50-00:15
Hyatt Hotel : 04:40-23:00
Journey Time::60~70 minutes

Toward You Air Bus(大有客運) to Taipei(Western area) [2061]
Dayuan, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Cargo Terminal, Kuolin, Shuiwei, Xizhou, Tai Mall, Nan Kan,
Nan Kan interchange, Fortuna Hotel, Ambassador Hotel, Sheraton Hotel Taipei, Taiwan Railway station
Fare: Adult NTD90/Child NTD45
Service Hours:Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport : 05:50-00:00
Lai Sheraton Hotel Taipei : 04:40-23:00
Journey Time:70~90 minutes


PS. For other routes, you may visit the "transportation" information of Taoyuan Airport Web Site
From Taipei Song-Shan Airport (TSA), you can either take a
taxi or Metro :

Some flights may arrive at Taipei Song-Shan Airport (TSA)(松山空港), which is located at down town Taipei.
You may just take a Taxi to your Hotel or NTU(National Taiwan University)or Metro(with the same name of this Airport) to the Station "Technology Building(科技大樓)", then walk to the main campus of NTU from the side of Xin-Hai road(辛亥路).(If you come to Taipei for the first time, it is suggested that you just take a taxi from Songshan Airport to your Hotel or NTU directly.)