Workshop on
Probability Theory and its applications


December 27, 2019


Auditorium, Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica


Kyung-Youn Kim
(Academia Sinica)


Jill Lin 林思潔

This workshop aims to discuss new researches and academic exchanges on probability theory between South Korea and Taiwan. The main topics of the conference will be
• Stochastic analysis and its applications
• Markov processes
• Dirichlet forms
• stochastic partial differential equation
• Random Walk

40-min talk

Yuki Chino (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)

Random Walk in Cooling Random Environment

Chien-Hao Huang (National Taiwan University)

Some problems concerning Wiener sausages in random environments

Ildoo Kim (Korea University)

Stochastic singular integral operators and partial differential equations

Kyung-Youn Kim (Academia Sinica)

Heat kernel bounds for nonlocal operators with singular kernels

Panki Kim (Seoul National University)

Dirichletheat kernel estimates of symmetric stable processes on horn-shaped regions

Li-Hsien Sun (National Central University)

20-min talk

Soobin Cho (Seoul National University)

Estimates on transition densities of subordinators with polynomial decaying L𝒆́vymeasure

Beom-seok Han (Korea University)

Some properties of the solution tostochastic partial differential equation with multiplicative space-time white noise

Jaehun Lee (Seoul National University)

Law of iterated logarithm for symmetric pure-jump processes

Daehan Park (Korea University)

A Sobolev space theory for time-fractional stochastic PDE driven by Levy processes


updated: 24-December-2019

Chii-Ruey Hwang (Academia Sinica)

Junhee Ryu (Korea University)

Choi, Jaehwan (Korea University)

Shang-Yuan Shiu (NCU)

Tien Chung Hu (NTHU)

Hee-Sun Choi (Kyung-Hee University)

葛晏均 (國立高雄科技大學)

Ju-Yi Yen (University of Cincinnati)

陳美如 (中山大學)

林宗楷 (Institution of Statistical Science Academia Sinica)

Duong Thi Be Ba (National Central University)

Le Hoai Nhan (National Central University)