Subsidy Regulations

I. Who can apply?
Priority is given to speakers, including professors, post-doctoral researchers, and PhD students.

II. Requirements
For those who want to apply for reimbursement of transportation and accommodation expenses, check if you meet both requirements:

  1. not be participating in any MoST project
  2. are participants from other than Taipei City and New Taipei City
III. Transportation Reimbursement
Please keep the bus/Railways/High Speed Rail ticket stub when travel.
    ★ High Speed Rail (Tax ID: 03811209)
IV. Accommodation Reimbursement (Limit: NTD$2,000/per)
    ★ The hotel receipt provided should state the title: 中央研究院
    ★ Tax ID number: 03811209
    ★ You can book a room at any price, but we can only reimburse you NT$2000 at most.
V. Registration Deadline: 2021/12/17
    ★ For eligible applicants, notification emails will be sent on 2021/12/24.
    ★ Please make sure that receipts and ticket stubs are submitted with the application form to the front desk during 11AM to 2PM, 2022/1/17~2022/1/18.
    ★ Application form: Click here