Research Scholars and Postdoctors

Field(s): Number Theory
Tel: +886-2-23685999# 620
Email: sychen0626$\color{red}{@}$

Chiu, Sheng-Fu

Field(s): Homological algebra and Symplectic Geometry
Tel: +886-2-23685999# 622
Email: sfchiu$\color{red}{@}$

Mikami, Ryota

Field(s): Tropical Geometry
Tel: +886-2-23685999# 729
Email: mikami$\color{red}{@}$

Su, Wei-Bo

Field(s): Differential Geometry
Tel: +886-2-23685999# 621
Email: wbsu$\color{red}{@}$

Tokimoto, Kazuki

Field(s): Arithmetic Geometry
Tel: +886-2-23685999# 625
Email: tokimoto$\color{red}{@}$

Wang, Sz-Sheng

Field(s): Algebraic Geometry
Tel: +886-2-23685999# 623
Email: sswangtw$\color{red}{@}$

Wang, Yi-Sheng

Field(s): Topology, Knot Theory
Tel: +886-2-23685999# 620
Email: yisheng$\color{red}{@}$

Wu, Kuang-Ru

Field(s): Complex Geometry
Tel: +886-2-23685999# 619
Email: krwu$\color{red}{@}$

Field(s): Representation Theory, Combinatorics, Number Theory
Tel: +886-2-23685999# 624
Email: xiang$\color{red}{@}$