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Research Scholars and Postdoctors

    Name Field(s) E-mail
 list icon   Taiji Marugame CR Geometry

 list icon   Sheng-Fu Chiu Homological algebra and Symplectic Geometry

 list icon   Chia-Liang Sun Diophantine Geometry

 list icon   Jyun-Ao Lin Geometric representation theory

 list icon   Guokuan Shao Complex Analysis, Complex Geometry

 list icon   Yasuhiro Terakado Algebraic Geometry

 list icon   Hung-Yu Yeh Mathematical Physics and Algebraic Geometry

 list icon   Chao Zhang Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry

 list icon   Zhibin Du Combinatorics and graph theory

 list icon   Yao Cheng Number Theory

 list icon   Ryo Sato Representation Theory

 list icon   Shih-Yu Chen Number Theory

 list icon   Qi, Hao Combinatorial and Graph theory

 list icon   Kyung-Youn Kim Probability

 list icon   Bingying Lu Partial Differential Equation and Integrable system