Speaker : Ms.Chih-Hsin Hsueh (UC Davis)
Title : Algorithmic computations for many 3-D virus based on low-temperature electric-microscopic image data
Time : 2012-07-23 (Mon) 14:10 -
Place : Seminar Room 722, Institute of Mathematics (NTU Campus)
Abstract: We develop a series of non-parametric computing algorithms to extract the virus structural from highly noisy data. The noise is consisting of icy-glass background and electron vs. tissue temporal interactions under low-temperature environment. Due to such an extremely low signal-to-noise ratio structure, applications of many classic Fourier and smoothing based image processing methodologies turn out unsuccessful. We illustrate our algorithmic developments through a real image example, derived from Dr. Holland Cheng's lab in UC Davis. The whole development is divided into a series of steps. Within each step, one computational challenge is addressed and its resolution is proposed, including a new SVD format for extracting reliable image signals, a hierarchical segmentation approach for further separating signal vs. noise, and a regulated random walk algorithm for drawing virus outlines. Several virus image data are also used for validity and efficiency confirmation.