Speaker : Professor Chung Chun Yang ( Hong Kond Univ. of Science and Technology )
Title : On differential and difference independence of the Gamma function or Riemann zeta function
Time : 2014-01-23 (Thu) 10:30 - 11:30
Place : Seminar Room 617, Institute of Mathematics (NTU Campus)
Abstract: In the talk, I shall illustrate how one can just apply Mohonko lemma ( in Nevanlinna theory ) to give a quite straight forward proof that the Gamma function will not satisfy any differential equation of the form : the equation P(z, f ) = 0 , Where P (z, f ) denotes a differential or difference polynomial in f , with polynomials as the coefficients ) , with P(z,0) is a nonzero polynomial. And some generalizions and extentions of such kind of results or problems will be brought out for further studies.