Speaker : 1. 羅元勳 博士 (師範大學) 2. 陳聖華 先生 (台灣大學)
Title : 1. On Protocol Sequences with Multiple-Packet Reception: Throughput Invariance and User Irrepressibility 2. TBA
Time : 2014-04-11 (Fri) 14:00 - 17:00
Place : Seminar Room 617, Institute of Mathematics (NTU Campus)
Abstract: Protocol sequences are used for channel access in the collision channel without feedback. For each user, the transmission of packets follows a specific periodical zero-one pattern, called the protocol sequence. It is assumed that the channel has the ability of the multiple-packet reception (MRP), i.e., all packets in a collision can be received error-free whenever there are at most involved packets. The fluctuation in throughput is incurred by random relative delay offsets among the beginning of protocol sequences due to the lack of feedback. In this talk we investigate a class of protocol sequences which have zero-variance throughput considering MPR. Such protocol sequences are said to be throughput-invariant (TI). \emph{Shift-invariant} (SI) sequences form an important class of protocol sequences which enjoy perfect crosscorrelation property. It was proved in [1] that they can produce zero-variance throughput for . In this talk we derived that SI sequences are indeed TI for any . And, it is shown that SI property is intrinsic for TI sequences in some cases. References: [1] K.W.Shum, C.S.Chen, C.W.Sung, and W.S.Wong, Shift-invariant protocol sequences for the collision channel without feedback,IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, 55(7):3312--3322, Jul. 2009. [2] Y.Zhang, Y.-H.Lo, F.Shu, and W.S.Wong, Protocol sequences for multiple-packet reception, submitted. [3] Y.Zhang, Y.-H.Lo, F.Shu, and W.S.Wong, Protocol sequences for multiple-packet reception: throughput invariance and user irrepressibility,to appear in IEEE Int. Symp. Inform. Theory, Honolulu, Jun. 2014.