Speaker : Dr. Chao Zhang (Academia Sinica)
Title : The Kuga-Satake Constructions and Newton Stratifications on Orthogonal Shimura Varieties
Time : 2018-04-18 (Wed) 11:00 - 12:00
Place : Room 202, Astro-Math. Building
Abstract: The Kuga-Satake constructions embed certain Hodge structures of type $(-1,1)+(0,0)+(1,-1)$ to inner-homs of Hodge structures of type $(-1,0)+(0,-1)$. We will briefly recall the constructions as well as related Shimura varieties, then we will recall good reductions of orthogonal Shimura varieties and the crystalline realizations of the Kuga-Satake embeddings. Finally, we will indicate how to list all the Newton strata.