Speaker : Shih-Hsien Yu ( Academia Sinica )
Title : Multi-dimensional wave propagation over a Burgers shock profile
Time : 2023-11-28 (Tue) 10:00 - 13:00
Place : online
Abstract: We study the stability of viscous shock profiles under multi-dimensional perturbation in order to understand the propagation of multi-dimensional dispersion waves over the compressive shock profile. Our analysis is based on the new algorithm of explicitly constructing the Green’s function for the system linearized around the shock profile. We first construct Green’s function for the system linearized around the inviscid profile by matching the two half space problems. The Green’s function around the shock profile is then constructed by iterations. Our approach is of a general nature. We carry out the approach for a simple model possessing the Burgers shocks and wave structure similar to acoustic cones in multi-dimensional gas flows. The approach exhibits a rich phenomenon of wave propagation along and dispersing away from the shock profile.

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