Research Seminar in Probability

主講者: 蔡政安教授(國立臺灣大學農藝學系)
講題: Gene Set Association Analysis and Visualization using Gene Expression Data
時間: 2012-12-21 (Fri.)  14:30 -
地點: 數學所 722 研討室 (台大院區)
Abstract: In DNA microarray studies, gene-set analysis (GSA) has become the focus of gene expression data analysis. GSA utilizes the gene expression profiles of functionally related gene sets in Gene Ontology (GO) categories or priori-defined biological classes to assess the significance of gene sets associated with clinical outcomes or phenotypes. Many statistical approaches have been proposed to determine whether such functionally related gene sets express differentially (enrichment and/or deletion) in variations of phenotypes. However, little attention has been paid to address the association between gene sets. In this paper, we propose a general strategy of gene set association analysis (GSAA) for integrating prior biological knowledge with gene expression data. We also combine between-gene set GSAA and GSEA (gene set enrichment analysis) to discover the relationships between gene sets significantly associated with phenotypes. In addition, we provide a graphical technique for visualizing and simultaneously exploring the associations of between and within gene sets and their interaction and network.
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