Seminar on pfaffians and their applications in soliton equations
主講者: 何益 博士 (中國科學院武漢物理與數學研究所)
講題: Introduction to Integrable numerical algorithms
時間: 2014-02-25 (Tue.)  16:00 -
地點: 數學所 722 研討室 (台大院區)
Abstract: Recently, it is found that numerical algorithms are closely related to integrable systems. In this talk, firstly we will give a brief introduction to integrable numerical algorithms and show some known examples of this kind of algorithms. Then we will give our new results on integrable systems and convergence acceleration algorithms. Particularly, we will show that pfaffian can be used to define new sequence transformations and the corresponding recursive algorithms can be derived by using pfaffian identities.
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