Seminar on PDE
主講者: 史習偉 教授 (成大數學系)
講題: Local and global well-posedness for the Quantum Zakharov System in 1D
時間: 2014-11-18 (Tue.)  15:30 - 16:30
地點: 數學所 617 研討室 (台大院區)
Abstract: The quantum Zakharov system describes the nonlinear interaction between the quantum Langmuir and quantum ion-acoustic wave. In the talk, I will present the recent work (jointed with Y-F Fang and K-H Wang) on the local and global wellposedness results for the 1D quantum Zakharov system with initial data belonging to $H^k\times H^l\times H^{l-1}$ where (k,l) lies in a certain region of the $k-l$ plane. I will also discuss some results compared with the work of Ginibre-Tsutsumi-Velo who worked on the classical Zakharov system.
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