Taipei Postdoc Seminar

主講者: 郭驥 (本所)
講題: An Overview of Some Progress on the Arithmetic of Linear Recurrences and the Complex Analogues
時間: 2020-04-08 (Wed.)  11:00 - 12:30
地點: 天文數學館2樓202教室
Abstract: We will discuss some known problems concerning the arithmetic of linear recurrent sequences (e.g. defined over integers). First, given two linear recurrences defined over a number field, one can ask whether the quotient of them is also a linear recurrence. We are also interested in the gcd of two linear recurrences and the d-th root of a linear recurrence. In this talk, our goal is to give an overview of the developments of linear recurrences along the work of van der Poorten, Corvaja-Zannier and Levin as well as the corresponding problems for complex entire functions.
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