Lecture series in Algebraic Geometry

主講者: 賴冠文 (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
講題: A tour of the rationality problem of cubic fourfolds III
時間: 2021-08-02 (Mon.)  11:00 - 13:00
地點: 數學所 演講廳(6F) (台大院區)
Abstract: The rationality problem in algebraic geometry explores whether a given variety could be parametrized by a projective space and how to construct a good parametrization that faithfully reflects the geometry of the variety. This problem has been intensely studied for cubic hypersurfaces in P5 in recent years as they form the simplest type of examples whose rationality are still poorly understood and also due to their intriguing relationships with K3 surfaces. In this series of three lectures, I will give an overview of this subject to non-experts with some familiarity with algebraic geometry, with an emphasis on examples and how these examples inspired the formations of conjectures and recent developments.

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