Speaker: Professor Chin-Tung Wu (Ping Tung University of Education)
Title: The Diameter Estimate and Its Application to CR Obata's Theorem
Time: 2010-03-11 (Thu.)  15:00 - 16:00
Place: Seminar Room 722, Institute of Mathematics (NTU Campus)
Abstract: In this talk, we will show that we can obtain a sharp lower bound estimate for diameter with respect to an adapted metric in closed pseudohermitian (2n+1)-manifolds when a sharp lower bound estimate for the first positive eigenvalue of the sublaplacian is achieved. As a consequence, we confirm the CR Obata Conjecture on a closed pseudohermitian (2n+1)-manifold with an extra condition on covariant derivatives of torsion. This work is joined with Prof. Shu-Cheng Chang.
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