Joint Colloquium with NTU

Speaker: Prof. George Lusztig
Title: Hecke algebras and involutions in Weyl groups
Time: 2011-10-27 (Thu.)  15:30-16:20
Place: Auditorium, 6 Floor, Institute of Mathematics (NTU Campus)
Abstract: For any two elements $y\le w$ in a Weyl group let $P_{y,w}$ be the polynomial defined by Kazhdan and the speaker which measures the singularities of the Schubert variety corresponding to w. In this talk (based on joint work with Vogan) I define, assuming that y w are involutions, a new polynomial $P_{y,w}^\sigma$ whose i-th coefficient is $a_i-b_i$ where the i-th coefficient of $P_{y,w}$ is $a_i+b_i$ ($a_i,b_i$ are natural numbers). These new polynomials are of interest in the theory of unitary representations of complex reductive groups. I will also present an algorithm for computing these polynomials.
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