Speaker: Prof. Yi-Chiuan Chen (Academia Sinica)
Title: Anti-integrability in Dynamical Systems – an Overview and Perspective
Time: 2013-03-21 (Thu.)  15:00 - 16:00
Abstract: In this talk, I shall first recall the concept of anti-integrable limit, which was introduced by Aubry and Abramovici in 1990 to prove the existence of chaotic orbits for the standard map. Secondly, I shall review the development and application of this concept to other fields of dynamical systems. Main attention will be paid to the following issues: how do we know whether a system admits an anti-integrable limit, how to formulate, and how to prove. Lastly, I shall discuss some of the topics in my Research Plans, and explain why I am interested in them and how some of them are related to the anti-integrable limit.
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