Speaker: Bendong Lou (Tongji University)
Title: Influence of the boundary geometry on the interface motion
Time: 2013-08-29 (Thu.)  15:00 - 16:00
Abstract: We study a curvature-dependent motion of plane curves in a cylinder with undulating boundaries. The law of motion is given by V= k + A, where V is the normal velocity of the curve, k is the curvature, and A is a positive constant. 1. We first state the background and motivation of our work: to study the influence of the obstacles on the interface motion. 2. Then we consider a domain with periodic boundaries: to establish a necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of periodic traveling waves; to estimate the average speed of the traveling wave and to show that the speed depends only on the maximum opening angle of the domain boundary and no other geometrical features are relevant. 3. Finally we consider the domain with general boundary and give the definitions of almost periodic traveling waves.
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