Speaker: 1. 馬志明 院士 (中國科學院) 2. 嚴加安 院士(中國科學院)
Title: 1. Mathematics and Modern Civilization 2.概率破玄機,統計解迷離
Time: 2014-05-08 (Thu.)  15:00 - 17:15
Abstract: 1. The modern civilization of our age is intimately related to its mathematical activity. From natural science to human being society, from high technology to daily life, the indispensable role of mathematics is always and everywhere. In this talk, I shall combine with my own academic experience tell you some aspects about how the modern civilization of our age is influenced by its mathematical activity. 2. 我這個報告就是試圖通過若干日常生活中的一些例子來向大家展示概率是如何破玄機和統計是如何解迷離的。
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