Seminar in Representation Theory

Speaker: Chun-Ju Lai (Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica)
Title: Learning Seminar on Geometric Representation Theory: Organizational Meeting
Time: 2021-09-29 (Wed.)  13:00 - 14:00
Place: Seminar Room 638, Institute of Mathematics (NTU Campus)
Abstract: For the coming semester we're planning to read Chriss and Ginzburg's book entitled "Representation Theory and Complex Geometry." This book is at the crossroads of algebraic geometry, symplectic geometry and representation theory. We are to explore a uniform geometric approach to the classification of finite dimensional simple modules of (i) Weyl groups, (ii) the Lie algebras, and (iii) affine Hecke algebras, and we will be focusing on type A. The "geometry" here refers to flag varieties, nilpotent cones, springer resolutions, convolution in Borel-Moore homology, algebraic K-theory and such.
For the first meeting, I will give a short overview of the materials, and we will assign speakers for the first few talks. More information will be made available on the website.

★ Visitors need to show the gate guard NTU Visitor Pass to enter the campus. Please fill the following form to apply for 1-Day Pass.
★ Registration deadline: 3PM, Sep. 28
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