Speaker: Prof. Mei-chi Shaw (Univ. of Notre Dame)
Title: The Strong Oka’s Lemma, bounded plurisubharmonic functions and the $\bar\partial$ Neumann problem
Time: 2008-03-13 (Thu.)  15:00 - 16:00
Abstract: In this talk we discuss the Cauchy-Riemann equations on pseudoconvex domains with Lipschitz boundaries in complex manifolds. A unified approach to the regularity of the $\bar\partial$ Neumann problem for Lipschitz domains will be given using the strong Oka’s lemma. We will also discuss the relationship between the strong Oka’s lemma, bounded plurisubharmonic exhaustion functions and their relationship with the regularity of the $\bar\partial$ Neumann problem in complex projective spaces. Applications to the nonexistence of Levi-flat hypersurfaces in complex projective spaces will be discussed.
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