Speaker: Professor Raphael S Ponge (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Title: Green kernels and Fefferman program in conformal and CR geometry
Time: 2009-11-04 (Wed.)  15:00 - 16:00
Abstract: Motivated by the analysis of the singularities of the Bergman and Szego kernels of a strictly pseudoconvex complex domain, Fefferman launched in the 70s the program of determining all local invariants of a strictly pseudoconvex CR structure. This program was subsequently extended to deal with local and global invariants of other geometries, such as conformal geometry. In this talk, we shall look at the logarithmic singularities of the Schwartz kernels and Green kernels of invariant operators in conformal and CR geometry. We will show that they give rise to local invariants. Of special interest are the Yamabe and Paneitz operators, and more generally the GJMS operators. The main result of the talk is the explicit computation of the logarithmic singularities of the Green kernels of the GJMS operators in the conformal case. 
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