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Archive of Past Colloquia - 2005 
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  1. 2005-01-04 Prof. Shagi-Di Shih (University of Wyoming)
    Asymptotics for the Period of the Lotka-Volterra Oscillator
  2. 2005-01-06 Prof. Chian-Jen Wang (University of Minnesota)
    On converse theorems and lifting of automorphic forms
  3. 2005-01-07 Prof. Louis W. Shapiro (Howard University)
    The Riordan Group, part 1
  4. 2005-01-13 Prof. Louis W. Shapiro (Howard University)
    The Riordan group and its application to combinatorial problems
  5. 2005-01-17 Maxim Pavlov (Russian Academy of Sciences)
    Reciprocal transformations and nonlocal Hamiltonian stuctures
  6. 2005-01-17 Toshio Yoshikawa (Academia Sinica)
    On 3-particle Toda system with weak viscosity (II)
  7. 2005-01-19 Kim, Kang-Tae (Pohang University, Korea)
    CR hypersurface-germ with a contracting local automorphism
  8. 2005-01-19 Kan, Su-Jen (Academia Sinica)
    Complete hyperbolic Stein manifolds with prescribed automorphism groups
  9. 2005-01-19 Chiu, Hung-Lin (Academia Sinica)
    The sharp lower bound for the first positive eigenvalue of a sub-Laplacian on a CR manifold
  10. 2005-01-19 Cheng, Jih-Hsin (Academia Sinica)
    The mean curvature equation in pseudohermitian geometry
  11. 2005-01-20 Prof. Kim, Kang-Tae (Pohang University)
    Complex manifolds characterized by isotropy subgroups
  12. 2005-01-20 Prof. Jiang, HuiKung (Nanjing University)
    An application of harmonic analysis to seismic prospecting
  13. 2005-01-21 Prof. Louis W. Shapiro (Howard University)
    The Riordan Group - Part 2
  14. 2005-01-24 Maxim Pavlov (Landau Inst. of Theoretical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences)
    WDVV equation (Dubrovin's case) and hydrodynamic (Egorov's) type systems
  15. 2005-01-24 Oktay Pashaev (Izmir Institute of Technology)
    Integrable vortex dynamics in the plane
  16. 2005-01-24 Ching-Tang Wu (University of Kaohsiung)
    Stochastic ordering and comonotonicity
  17. 2005-01-24 Prof. Hidehiro Kaise (Nagoya University)
    Differential games arising from totally risk averse limit in optimal investment problems : dynamic programming perspective
  18. 2005-01-26 Larry Chen (Oregon State University)
    Higher dimensional maximal operators (singular integrals) depend on one dimensional maximal operators
  19. 2005-01-26 Jiang Huikun ( Nanjing University )
    A generalization of the Hausdorff dimension and measure of fractal
  20. 2005-01-26 Prof. Yi-Chien Wang (Nanjing University)
    The complexity of motion
  21. 2005-01-27 Prof. Larry Chen (Oregon State Univ.)
    Majorizing kernels and stochastic cascades with applications to incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
  22. 2005-01-27 Prof. Chin-Cheng Lin (Central University)
    Muckenhoupt Ap weight functions
  23. 2005-01-31 Prof. Remi Leandre (Universite de Bourgogue)
    (1) White noise analysis, filtering equation and the index theorem for families (2) A geometrical hypoelliptic diffusion
  24. 2005-02-04 Prof. Erez Lapid (Hebrew University)
    Eisenstein series and application I, II
  25. 2005-02-15 Maxim Pavlov (Landau Inst. of Theoretical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences)
    (1) WDVV in affine differential geometry (2) New look on integrable systems
  26. 2005-02-23 Prof. Cun-Gen Liu (Nan-Kai University)
    Introduction to Morse theory
  27. 2005-03-02 Prof. Cun-Gen Liu (Nan Kai University)
    Introduction to Morse Homology
  28. 2005-03-03 Prof. Takao Akahori (Himeji Institute of Technology, Japan)
    The deformation theory of co-isotropic A-branes
  29. 2005-03-07 Dr. Brice Franke (Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany)
    (1) An application of the rearrangement technique to the two-dimensional vorticity equation (2) Heat-kernel estimates for diffusions with divergence-free drift-vector fields on Riemannian manifolds
  30. 2005-03-09 Dr. Brice Franke (Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany)
    A functional central limit theorem for diffusions on periodic submanifolds of R^N
  31. 2005-03-09 Prof. Cun-Gen Liu (Nan Kai University)
    Symplectic matrices and Maslov-type index of symplectic paths
  32. 2005-03-10 Prof. Kenji Ueno (Kyoto University)
    Modular functors and conforma1 field theory
  33. 2005-03-14 Prof. Song Liang (Tohoku University)
    (1) Laplace Approximation of Large Deviations for sums of i.i.d. random variables (2) Precise Estimates of Large Deviations for Diffusions on Euclidean spaces
  34. 2005-03-16 Yi-Chiuan Chen (Academia Sinica)
    Two approaches to the topological Markov chain for Smale's horseshoe: algebraical and anti-integrable limiting
  35. 2005-03-16 Prof. Cun-Gen Liu (Nan Kai University)
    Some properties of Maslov-type index for symplectic paths
  36. 2005-03-17 Prof. Chao-Nien Chen (Changhua University of Education)
    Some variational methods for studying almost periodic differential equations
  37. 2005-03-24 Prof. Cun-Gen Liu (Nan-Kai University)
    Cup-length estimates for Lagrangian intersections
  38. 2005-03-30 Prof. Cun-Gen Liu (Nan-Kai University)
    The Galerkin Approximation and Maslov-type Index
  39. 2005-03-31 Prof. Jerry L. Bona (University of Illinois at Chicago)
    Stability of solitary waves
  40. 2005-03-31 Prof. Hongqiu Chen (The University of Memphis and University of Illinois at Chicago)
    Existence of Solitary Waves of Nonlinear Dispersive Equations
  41. 2005-04-08 Prof. Cun-Gen Liu (Nan Kai University)
    Iteration theory for Maslov-type index
  42. 2005-04-13 Prof. Fangcheng Tien (Chung Hua University)
    Tent Functions in 2-dimensional Chaotic Systems
  43. 2005-04-13 Prof. Cun-Gen Liu (Nan Kai University)
    Closed characteristics on some hypersurfaces in R^2n
  44. 2005-04-21 Prof. Yen-Heng Ding (Academia Sinica, China)
  45. 2005-04-22 Porf. Tetsushi Ito (Kyoto University)
    Local monodromy of l-adic cohomologies (1)-(2)
  46. 2005-04-25 Shang-Yuan Shiu (Academia Sinica)
    Pricing under Proportional Transaction Costs in Multinomial Model
  47. 2005-04-25 Ro-Pin Chang (Academia Sinica)
    Stability of Convergence in Binomial Model
  48. 2005-04-29 Prof. Tetsushi Ito (Kyoto University)
    Local monodromy of l-adic cohomologies (3)-(4)
  49. 2005-05-02 Prof. Chia-Fu Yu (Academia Sinica)
    On parabolic level structures and the Kottwitz-Rapoport stratification
  50. 2005-05-05 Prof. Chi-Ken Chen (Chung Hsing University)
    A Fixed Interface Boundary Value Problem for Evolutionary Equations in Population Genetics
  51. 2005-05-12 Prof. Chu-Pin Lo (Providence University)
    Electrophysiology Activities in the Heart
  52. 2005-05-17 Prof. F. Y. Wu (Northeastern University)
    On 2-point resistances in a network: A new formulation of the Kirchhoff's law
  53. 2005-05-18 Prof. William Ziemer (Indiana University)
    The coarea formula for Sobolev mappings
  54. 2005-05-24 Prof. Shen Hao (Jiao Tong University, Shanghai)
    Existence and Application of (v, K1(3)∪{w*}) - PBDs
  55. 2005-05-25 Jiahong Wu (Oklahoma State University)
    A lower bound for an integral involving fractional Laplacians and the generalized Navier-Stokes equations in Besov spaces
  56. 2005-05-26 Prof. Kuo-Chang Chen (Tsing-Hua University)
    Relative equilibria in the N-body problem
  57. 2005-06-02 Prof. Barnabas M. Garay (Budapest University of Technology)
    Optimization and the Miranda theorem in detecting horseshoe-type chaos by computer
  58. 2005-06-06 Prof. Yu Zhang (University of Colorado)
    The divergence of fluctuations for the shape on the first passage percolation
  59. 2005-06-06 Yunshyong Chow (Academia Sinica)
    Cooperation in prisoner's dilemma games with local interaction and imitation
  60. 2005-06-09 Prof. Weichung Wang (University of Kaohsiung)
    Numerical Simulations of Semiconductor Quantum Dots via the 3D Schrodinger Equations
  61. 2005-06-13 Hui-Ming Pai (Academia Sinica)
    Accelerating Diffusions on Torus
  62. 2005-06-13 Po-Han Lee (The Affiliated Senior High School Of National Taiwan Normal University )
    Study of the Protein-protein Interaction Networks via Random Graph Approach
  63. 2005-06-15 Yi Wang (Academia Sinica)
    Unimodal, Log-concave and Polya Frequency Sequences in Combinatorics
  64. 2005-06-16 Prof. Juan-Ming Yuan (Providence University)
    Some results about the complex-valued KdV equation and the complex-valued KdV-Burgers equation
  65. 2005-06-23 Prof. Wen-Haw Chen (Tung-Hai University)
    Ricci curvature, Hausdorff convergence and some obstruction results
  66. 2005-06-23 Prof. H. M. Srivastava (University of Victoria)
    Some Spherical Bessel Function Results Related to Quantum Mechanical Scattering Theory
  67. 2005-06-24 Lung-Chi Chen
    The random cluster model and a new integration identity
  68. 2005-06-29 Prof. Xi-Jun Hu (Academia Sinica, China)
    Spectral flow and Maslov index (I)
  69. 2005-06-30 Ying Cheng (AT&T Laboratories, USA)
    A Heine-Borel Type Theorem
  70. 2005-06-30 Prof. Shuguang Wang (University of Missouri-Columbia)
    Orientability and degree of Fredholm maps
  71. 2005-07-06 Prof. Xi-Jun Hu (Academia Sinica, China)
    Spectral flow and Maslov index (II)
  72. 2005-07-12 Prof. Shian-Geng Chen (Hsiuping Institute of Technology)
    Chaos, Order, and Applications
  73. 2005-07-14 Prof. Tian-Xiao He (Illinois Wesleyan University)
    Interrelation between Riordan arrays, Generalized Stirling Numbers, and Sheffer-type Polynomials, and the Applications to the Expansion Problems
  74. 2005-07-20 Prof. Alain Chenciner (IMCCE and Universite Paris VII) (Cancel)
    The Shape of N Bodies
  75. 2005-07-21 Prof. Mu-Tao Wang (Columbia University)
    Positivity of quasi-local mass
  76. 2005-07-26 Tai-Ping Liu (Academia Sinica)
    Muliti-dimensional shock interactions (I)
  77. 2005-07-26 Tai-Ping Liu (Academia Sinica)
    Muliti-dimensional shock interactions (II)
  78. 2005-07-26 Sze-Bi Hsu (Tsing-Hua University)
    Resources-consumers competition models in theoretical ecology
  79. 2005-07-26 Ching-Lung Lin (Chung-Cheng University)
    An Akinson-Wilcox expansion for the two-dimensional elasticity system and its application
  80. 2005-07-28 Michael Tsau (St. Louis University)
    Dehn Surgery on Singular knots
  81. 2005-07-28 Su-Win Yang (National Taiwan University)
    Homology Theory of Framed graphs
  82. 2005-07-28 Chun-Chung Hsieh (Academia Sinica)
    Linking in Knot Theory
  83. 2005-07-28 Goong Chen (Texas A & M University)
    A Dimension-Scaling Method for Diatomic Molecules Using the Hyper-Prolate Spheroidal Coordinates
  84. 2005-08-03 Tai-Ping Liu (Academia Sinica)
    Initial-boundary value problem for the Boltzmann Equation (I)
  85. 2005-08-03 Clement Mouhot (ENS Lyon, France)
    Explicit coercivity estimates for the Boltzmann Equation and applications (I)
  86. 2005-08-03 Clement Mouhot (ENS Lyon, France)
    Explicit coercivity estimates for the Boltzmann Equation and applications (II)
  87. 2005-08-03 Tai-Ping Liu (Academia Sinica)
    Initial-boundary value problem for the Boltzmann Equation (II)
  88. 2005-08-04 Prof. Mikhail I. Malkin (Nizhny Novgorod State University)
    Chaotic one-dimensional maps and their multidimensional perturbations
  89. 2005-08-11 Prof. Shin Kiriki (Tokyo Denki University)
    The cubic tangency for the Henon maps
  90. 2005-08-11 Prof. Xiaofeng Guo (Xiamen University)
    Some Topics in Chemical Graph Theory
  91. 2005-08-11 Hsun-Wen Chang (Tatung University)
    The Reconstruction of DNA Sequences Based on Graph Theory
  92. 2005-08-17 Prof. Xinfu Chen (University of Pittsburgh)
    Explicit solutions of a stationary gradiant system
  93. 2005-08-18 Prof. Wen-Chiao Cheng (Chung Cheng University)
    Entropy Structure for Backward Mappings
  94. 2005-08-18 Dr. Yu-Chang Yi (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    On the Hilbert modularity of certain quintic threefold
  95. 2005-08-19 Prof. Jacques Tilouine (University Paris-Nord)
    Siegel cusp forms and monodromy of Siegel varieties
  96. 2005-08-31 Prof. Jun-Juh Yan (Shu-Te University)
    Stability Analysis, Synchronization and Control Design of Chaotic Systems
  97. 2005-09-01 Prof. Junkichi Satsuma (Aoyama Gakuin University)
    Continuous vs Ultradiscrete for Nonlinear Integrable Systems
  98. 2005-09-07 Prof. Hong-Gwa Yeh (Central University)
    Graph Coloring Problems, 1: A First Course in Circular Chromatic Numbers
  99. 2005-09-15 Prof. Sen-Peng Eu (University of Kaohsiung)
    The many roads from the Lattice Paths
  100. 2005-09-16 Prof. Colin Rogers (University of New South Wales)
    On an Elastic Membrane Model in Liquid Crystal Theory – Hidden Integrability
  101. 2005-09-21 Prof. Hong-Gwa Yeh (Central University)
    Gallai-Roy Theorem, Hoffman's Circulation Theorem and Circular Coloring of Edge-Weighted Directed Graphs
  102. 2005-09-28 Mr. Xin Hao Lai (Taiwan University)
    Parallel chip firing games on graphs
  103. 2005-09-28 Prof. Hong-Gwa Yeh (Central University)
    On the period length of a distributed scheduler
  104. 2005-09-30 Dan Zaffran (Academia Sinica)
    On the Serre problem about Stein manifolds
  105. 2005-10-03 Tai-Ho Wang (Chung Cheng University)(cancelled)
    Symmetries of Stochastic Processes
  106. 2005-10-03 Zhang Rongmao (Beijing University)(cancelled)
    Some Path Properties of a Gaussian Random Field
  107. 2005-10-05 Prof. Hong-Gwa Yeh (Central University)
    Mathematical Models of Concurrent Computation (I): Petri Nets, Marked Graphs and Parallel Chip Firing
  108. 2005-10-11 Rong-Mao Zhang (Beijing University)
    Some Path Properties of a Gaussian Random Field
  109. 2005-10-12 Prof. Hong-Gwa Yeh (Central University)
    An introduction to concentration inequalities with an application to graph coloring
  110. 2005-10-13 Prof. G. O. H. Katona (Director, Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
    Extremal problems for families of subsets and convex hulls
  111. 2005-10-13 Prof. Rainer Kress (Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen)
    Uniqueness in inverse scattering problems
  112. 2005-10-17 Lung-Chi Chen (Fu Jen Catholic University)
    The Random Cluster Model and a New Integration Identity
  113. 2005-10-17 Shuenn-Jyi Sheu (Academia Sinica)
    Price Systems and Portfolio Optimization for Market with Transaction costs
  114. 2005-10-19 Prof. Hong-Gwa Yeh (Central University)
    Eigenvalue bounds for chromatic numbers
  115. 2005-10-20 Prof. Jiaping Wang (University of Minnesota)
    Rigidity of manifolds with positive spectrum
  116. 2005-10-26 Prof. Hong-Gwa Yeh (Central University)
    Mathematical Models of Concurrent Computation (II): Max-Plus Algebra
  117. 2005-10-27 Prof. Mau-Hsiang Shih (National Taiwan Normal Univeristy)
    Jacobian conjecture and network architecture
  118. 2005-10-31 Tai-Ho Wang (Chung Cheng University)
    Symmetries of Stochastic Processes
  119. 2005-10-31 Chuan-Shiang Han (Tsing-Hua University)
    Variance analysis of martingale control variate methods
  120. 2005-11-08 Chao-Hui Lin (Academia Sinica)
    Sections for Semiflows
  121. 2005-11-09 Jun-Jie Pan, Jiaojiao Wu (Academia Sinica)
    q-Kneser graphs (I), (II)
  122. 2005-11-10 Prof. Yen Lin Yu (Soochow University)
    On the Atiyah-Singer index theorem
  123. 2005-11-18 Prof. Yan-Lin Yu (Soochow University)
    參考書目:The index theorem and the heat equation method/Yanlin Yu
  124. 2005-11-21 Prof. Toshio Mikami (Hokkaido University)
    (1) Stochastic processes from the Fokker-Planck equation (2) Stochastic approximations of Gauss curvature flows of graphs and closed hypersurfaces and their generalizations
  125. 2005-11-23 Prof. Yan-Lin Yu (Soochow University)
    Clifford algebra and spinors
  126. 2005-11-23 Jiaojiao Wu, Chih-Hung Yen (Academia Sinica)
    q-Kneser graphs (II), Kneser graphs (I)
  127. 2005-11-24 Prof. Mei-Ling Yao (Central University)
    Contact manifolds and contact homology theory – an introduction
  128. 2005-11-25 Prof. Jiang Zeng (University of Lyon I)
    The Partition Functions of Andrews and Stanly and The Al-Salam-Chihara Polynomials
  129. 2005-11-25 Prof. Mei-Ling Yao (Central University)
    A 0-homological surgery model with application to cylindrical contact homology
  130. 2005-11-28 Dr. Akira Sakai (Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands)
    Introduction to the lace expansion: I. A general structure (I) (II)
  131. 2005-12-01 Prof. Jiang Zeng (University of Lyon I)
    A q-analogue of Faulhaber's Formula for Sums of Powers and Non-intersecting Lattice Paths Counting
  132. 2005-12-02 Prof. Yan-Lin Yu (Soochow University)
    Relation between heat equation and index
  133. 2005-12-05 Dr. Akira Sakai (Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands) (Canceled)
    Introduction to the lace expansion: II. The Ising model (III) (IV)
  134. 2005-12-07 Prof. Hong-Gwa Yeh (Central University)
    Discrete isoperimetric inequalities: an introduction with applications to graph coloring
  135. 2005-12-09 Prof. Yan-Lin Yu (Soochow University)
    Chern root algorithm and the index formula
  136. 2005-12-12 Prof. Joel Spruck (Johns Hopkins University)
    Alexandrov type inequalities for Cartan-Hadamard manifolds
  137. 2005-12-13 Prof. Karen Parshall (Virginia University)
    Historical Contours of the American Mathematical Research Community
  138. 2005-12-13 Dr. Akira Sakai (Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands)
    Introduction to the lace expansion: II. The Ising model (III) (IV)
  139. 2005-12-21 Prof. Hong-Gwa Yeh (Central University)
    Circular colorings of Kneser graphs
  140. 2005-12-22 Prof. Chuu Lian Terng (University of California, Irvine)
    Cauchy problem for the space-time monopole equations with smooth decaying initial data
  141. 2005-12-29 Prof. Dohan Kim (Seoul National University)
    Fourier analysis between distributions and hyperfunctions
  142. 2005-12-30 Prof. Martin Guest (Metropolitan University, Japan)
    From quantum cohomology to integrable systems
  143. 2005-12-30 Prof. Christian Virdol (Nagoya University)
    Zeta functions of twisted quaternionic Shimura varieties