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2016-01-01 ~ 2016-12-31

  1. 2016-01-04 李志煌 (Geneva University)
    1.Introduction to percolation model 2.FK percolation (random-cluster model) and geometrical representations abstract
  2. 2016-01-05 將瀚德(University of Cologne)
    An equivariant embedding theorem for quasi-regular Sasakian manifold abstract
  3. 2016-01-07 [學術演講&NCTS Special Talk] 張聖容院士 (Princeton University)
    Q-curvature, some recent developments abstract
  4. 2016-01-11 Professor Lucien Szpiro (CUNY, USA)
    The Shafarevich Problem for Families with Fixed Degeneracies abstract
  5. 2016-01-11 劉太平教授 (本所)
    Some thoughts on PDE
  6. 2016-01-19 Prof. Nicola Fusco(University of Naples)
    Stability and minimality for a nonlocal variational problem abstract
  7. 2016-01-19 祝寶宣教授 (江蘇師範大學)
    Unimodality results from combinatorial triangular arrays abstract
  8. 2016-01-22 李文卿教授 (The Pennsylvania State University)
    Unramified graph covers of finite degree abstract
  9. 2016-01-22 朱緒鼎教授 (浙江師範大學)
    Coloring, sparseness, and girth abstract
  10. 2016-01-26 徐麗瓊教授 (集美大學)
    The construtures of connected graphs and removable edges, contractible edges in k-connected graphs abstract
  11. 2016-02-01 Prof. Chau-Hsing Su (Brown University)
    Lorenz Equation: Chaos, periodic solution and others
  12. 2016-02-25 Professor Tomoyoshi Ibukiyama (University of Osaka)
    Higher spherical polynomials motivated by differential operators on Siegel modular forms abstract
  13. 2016-03-03 李文卿教授 (The Pennsylvania State University, USA)
    Isospectrality in number theory, geometry and combinatorics abstract
  14. 2016-03-07 Prof. Christian Klingenberg(Würzburg University)
    The universe in a computer: how mathematical and numerical methods are essential. abstract
  15. 2016-03-10 劉珈銘教授(成功大學)
    An introduction to Algebraic KP Theory
  16. 2016-03-14 Prof. Sergei Levendorskii(The University of Leicester)
    Conformal quasi-asymptotics, and some applications abstract
  17. 2016-03-21 Professor S. Kotani (Kwansei Gakuin University)
    Random Schrodinger operators and related topics I
  18. 2016-03-21 王海濤博士(本所)
    Large-Time Behavior of Solutions for the Boltzmann Equation with Hard potentials
  19. 2016-03-25 陳中川教授(台中教育大學)
  20. 2016-03-28 Professor S. Kotani (Kwansei Gakuin University)
    Random Schrodinger operators and related topics II
  21. 2016-03-28 Prof. Paolo Cascini (Imperial College London)
    On the Minimal Model Program abstract
  22. 2016-04-07 黃啟瑞研究員(本所)
    Monte Carlo Markov Processes abstract
  23. 2016-04-08 Dr. Giulio Tralli (University of Bologna)
    Symmetry issues for the Levi curvature operator abstract
  24. 2016-04-11 Dr. Giulio Tralli (University of Bologna)
    Families of sign changing solutions for the CR-Yamabe equation on the sphere abstract
  25. 2016-04-11 Max Palmer (Trading Analytics and Algorithmic Development, FlexTrade)
    Observations on Trading of Financial Instruments abstract
  26. 2016-04-15 李小山 (Academia Sinica and Wuhan University)
    On the stability of equivariant embedding of CR manifolds with $S^1$ action abstract
  27. 2016-04-18 Dr. Homare Tadano (Osaka University)
    Some Myers type theorems and Hitchin-Thorpe inequalities for shrinking Ricci solitons abstract
  28. 2016-04-25 王海濤博士(本所)
    Hypo-elliptic estimates for linearized Landau-type operators
  29. 2016-05-02 1.王海濤博士(本所) 2.青木一生教授 (京都大學)
    Wave structures of the linearized Landau equation
  30. 2016-05-02 小川重義 教授 (立命館大學)
    "What are the SFC and SFT?" abstract
  31. 2016-05-09 Prof. Gilbert Wuestholz (ETH Zurich)
    “A guided tour through transcendence theory” abstract
  32. 2016-05-12 劉太平客座講座教授(本所)
    Some thoughts on mathematical research, examples from fluid dynamics abstract
  33. 2016-05-12 Mr Junghun Lee (Nagoya University)
    The structural stability of the Julia set of an expanding rational map in non-Archimedean dynamics abstract
  34. 2016-05-16 1.郭鴻文教授 (成功大學) 2.青木一生教授 (京都大學)
    Approach to Equilibrium in a Microscopic Model of Friction
  35. 2016-05-16 小川重義 教授(立命館大學)
    "What are the SFC and SFT? - 2" abstract
  36. 2016-05-17 孫嘉梁博士 (本所)
    A Local-Global Criteria of Affine Varieties Admitting Points in Multiplicative Subgroups of a Global Field abstract
  37. 2016-05-18 陳 鞏教授 (Taxas A&M University)
    1. Modeling and Computation for the Global Failure of Aircraft Fuselage in Water Entry of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 2. Computation, Simulation and Visualization of Pulverizing Aircraft Mountain Crashes abstract
  38. 2016-05-23 謝復興 教授 (Department of Statistics, UC Davis)
    1.Machine computable expert knowledge in computer-games 2.Zebra fish’s brain imaging: Some recent and future computational challenges for epilepsy abstract
  39. 2016-05-30 Prof. Yu-Jui Huang (Dublin City University)
    Time-Inconsistent Stopping Problems abstract
  40. 2016-05-30 Hans G. Kaper (Georgetown University Washington DC and Mathematics and Climate Research Network)
    Mathematics and Climate - Challenges for Dynamical Systems abstract
  41. 2016-05-31 Professor Ta Thi Hoai An (Institute of Mathematics Hanoi, Vietnam)
    Some results on the uniqueness of differential polynomials. abstract
  42. 2016-06-02 Mr Junghun Lee (Nagoya University)
    The structural stability of the Julia set of an expanding rational map in non-Archimedean dynamics (II) abstract
  43. 2016-06-06 Prof. Shi-Mei Ma (Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao)
    Some recent results on Stirling permutations and simsun permutations abstract
  44. 2016-06-06 Professor Peter A. Clarkson (Kent University)
    Painleve Equations, Orthogonal Polynomials and Random Matrices abstract
  45. 2016-06-08 山盛厚伺 (本所)
    Bergman kernel functions and holomorphic automorphisms fixing the origin abstract
  46. 2016-06-08 林正英教授 (George Mason University,USA)
    "On the nonexistence of solutions to some nonlinear elliptic equations".   abstract
  47. 2016-06-16 Professor William Cherry (University of North Texas, USA)
    Non-Archimedean Analytic Curves in Algebraic Varieties abstract
  48. 2016-06-21 Professor Sophia Jang (Texas Tech University)
    Asymptotic dynamics of a modified discrete Leslie-Gower competition system abstract
  49. 2016-06-22 Professor Peter D. Miller (University of Michigan)
    Steepest Descent for Riemann-Hilbert Problems: Application to Defocusing Nonlinear Schrodinger abstract
  50. 2016-06-27 Professor Fu-zhen Zhang (Nova Southeastern University)
    1.Polytopes of Stochastic Tensors 2.Are these permanent conjectures becoming permanent? --- An update on a few conjectures on permanent abstract
  51. 2016-06-27 Mr Junghun Lee (Nagoya University)
    The structural stability of the Julia set of an expanding rational map in non-Archimedean dynamics (III) abstract
  52. 2016-06-27 Prof. Krishna Athreya (Iowa State University)
    General Glivenko-Cantelli theorems. abstract
  53. 2016-06-28 Dr. Ade Irma Suriajaya (Nagoya University)
    Distribution of zeros of the first derivative of Dirichlet $L$-functions abstract
  54. 2016-06-28 Mr. Wayne Jun-Wen Peng (University of Rochester)
    ABC Conjecture Implies Infinitely Many non-$X$-Fibonacci-Wieferich Primes -- A Linear Case of Dynamical Systems abstract
  55. 2016-06-28 Mr. Junghun Lee (Nagoya University)
    On the dynamics on the Julia set in the (classical) non-Archimedean dynamics abstract
  56. 2016-07-04 Prof. Jiun-Chau Wang (University of Saskatchewan)
    Recent progress on bi-free harmonic analysis after Huang, Mingo, and Gu abstract
  57. 2016-07-06 Weiqiang Wang (University of Virginia)
    Quantum symmetric pairs and canonical bases
  58. 2016-07-08 Prof. Tai-Ho Wang (Baruch College, The City University of New York)
    Bridge representation and small time approximation of transition density abstract
  59. 2016-07-11 陳君明教授 (臺大數學系、銓安智慧科技)
  60. 2016-07-14 季利均教授(蘇州大學)
    Symmetric abelian group-invariant Steiner quadruple systems abstract
  61. 2016-07-15 陳君明教授 (臺大數學系、銓安智慧科技)
  62. 2016-07-18 陳君明教授 (臺大數學系、銓安智慧科技)
  63. 2016-07-19 馬俊教授 (上海交通大學)
    Proper Tutte mappings and Tutte polynomials abstract
  64. 2016-07-22 1.Dr. Chuan-Hsiang Han (Dept. of Quantitative Finance, NTHU) 2.Mr. Chung-Chi Chen (PhD student. Dept. of CSIE, NTU)
    1.Introduction to Financial Technology 2.Chart Recognition by Linear Scaling Method
  65. 2016-07-26 Professor Yu Yong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
    Global Instability of A Simplified Ericksen-Leslie System abstract
  66. 2016-07-27 1.Dr. Chun-Hung Liu (Princeton University) 2. Prof. Xuding Zhu (Zhejiang Normal University)
    1.Partitioning graphs in proper minor-closed family into three graphs with no large components 2.Defective online list colouring of planar graphs abstract
  67. 2016-07-29 蕭旭君 教授(台大資工)
    HTTPS and Web Security
  68. 2016-07-29 顧家祈 (KUCHI 創辦人)
    數學在 fintech 的應用
  69. 2016-08-01 黃基志 教授(Université de Bretagne Occidentale (Brest))
    Estimating drift parameters in a fractional Ornstein Uhlenbeck process with periodic mean abstract
  70. 2016-08-02 曹喜望教授 (南京航空航天大學)
    More constructions near optimal codebooks associated with binary sequences abstract
  71. 2016-08-03 鐘楷閔副研究員(中研院資科所)
    Toward Cryptography for Modern Parallel Architecture
  72. 2016-08-04 蔡福隆博士 (金融監督管理委員會)
  73. 2016-08-09 巴沙亞夫 (Izmir Institute of Technology)
    Linear and Nonlinear Integrable Systems with q-Deformed Dispersion abstract
  74. 2016-08-09 李瑞光 (清華大學)
    Formation, stability and Dynamics and solitons with long-ranged interactions abstract
  75. 2016-08-09 袁淵明 (靜宜大學財務與計算數學系)
    Numerical methods and orbital stability of solitary-wave solutions for higher-order BBM equations abstract
  76. 2016-08-10 1.Mr Markus Braun (Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg) 2.Professor Wen-Xin Qin (Suzhou University)
    1.Smooth absorbing operators for open quantum maps 2.Invariant Circles and Depinning Transition abstract
  77. 2016-08-10 賴青沂博士 (中研院資科所)
    A Glimpse of the Future: Quantum Computing
  78. 2016-08-10 郭博鈞 (台大電機系)
    Power of lattice basis reduction -- Factoring RSA keys from certified smart cards
  79. 2016-08-11 1.Dr. Sara Kropf (中研院統計所) 2.傅承德教授(中央大學統計所)
    1.Limiting Distributions for Automata Outputs 2.Change Point Detection abstract
  80. 2016-08-16 左瑞麟教授 (政大資科系)
    Secure Computation
  81. 2016-08-16 黃榮宗教授(國立中央大學)
    The asymptotics of the analytic torsion on CR manifolds with $S^1$ action abstract
  82. 2016-08-17 1.Jen-Hsu Chang (National Defense University) 2. Oktay K. Pashaev (Izmir Institute of Technology)
    1.Asymptotic analysis of rogue waves in the KP-(I) equation 2. From q-Analytic Functions to q-Traveling Waves abstract
  83. 2016-08-18 (Cancelled)羅至善 (財團法人資訊工業策進會 數據科技與應用研究所)
  84. 2016-08-26 齊國新教授 (Washington University, St Louis)
    Classification of Isoparametric hypersurfaces, the last case abstract
  85. 2016-08-29 陳朝銑教授 (Northwestern University)
    Hyperelliptic curves and Springer theory abstract
  86. 2016-08-29 Yuto Moriwaki (University of Tokyo)
    On Uniqueness of Vertex Operator Algebra structure and Vertex Algebra Automorphism Group.
  87. 2016-09-02 曹志誠教授(Saint Louis University)
    On the topology of the coefficients of the Alexander-Conway polynomial of knots abstract
  88. 2016-09-05 Prof. Hiroaki Hata (Shizuoka University)
    An optimal investment strategy for insurance companies with a linear Gaussian stochastic factor model abstract
  89. 2016-09-05 1. 江金城教授(清華大學) 2. 劉太平教授(本所)
    1.Estimates for the gain term of the Boltzmann collision operator 2.On derivation of Boltzmann equation
  90. 2016-09-08 Hubert Kiechle (University of Hamburg)
    Semihomogeneous maps
  91. 2016-09-09 Masanori Adachi (Tokyo University of Science)
    Weighted Bergman space of Levi-flat domains: two case studies abstract
  92. 2016-09-09 曹志誠教授(Saint Louis University)
    Twisted $S^1$-bundle over Klein bottle. abstract
  93. 2016-09-12 王海濤博士(本所)
    Large-time behavior of some kinetic equations
  94. 2016-09-14 林濬璈博士 (本所)
    On the number of commutingmatrices and Kac polynomials abstract
  95. 2016-09-19 王海濤博士 (本所)
    The Boltzmann equation and moments method
  96. 2016-09-19 黃建豪 (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Some results on directed random polymers abstract
  97. 2016-09-20 李信明教授
  98. 2016-09-21 陳志偉 (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    The Ricci flow - a chronological survey abstract
  99. 2016-09-23 李兵教授(華南理工大學)
    Chaotic and topological properties of continued fractions abstract
  100. 2016-09-27 Dr. Hiep Dang (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Identities involving (doubly) symmetric polynomials and integrals over Grassmannians abstract
  101. 2016-09-29 Dr. Hiep Dang (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Identities involving (doubly) symmetric polynomials and integrals over Grassmannians abstract
  102. 2016-09-30 曹志誠教授(Saint Louis University)
    On the topology of the coefficients of the Alexander-Conway polynomial of knots abstract Poster
  103. 2016-10-03 黃建豪 (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    The one-dimensional TASEP
  104. 2016-10-03 1.王海濤 博士 (本所) 2. 劉太平 客座講座(本所)
    1. Pointwise behavior of Boltzmann equation: from linear problem with compact initial data to nonlinear problem 2. Green's function of Boltzmann equation and its application in invariant manifolds
  105. 2016-10-05 王海濤 博士(本所)
    Wave structures in Bolzmann and Landau equations abstract
  106. 2016-10-06 金芳蓉 教授 (University of California, San Diego)
    Discrepancy in sequences of numbers abstract
  107. 2016-10-11 1.林正英 教授 (George Mason University,USA) 2. 李志豪教授 (本所)
    1.On the stability of the solitary waves. 2.round table discussion on the related topics abstract
  108. 2016-10-12 川節和哉 博士(本所)
    Uniqueness of a class of holomorphic vertex operator algebras of central charge 24 abstract
  109. 2016-10-13 謝銘倫 教授(本所)
    Rational points in algebraic varieties and L-functions abstract
  110. 2016-10-17 青木一生 教授(京都大學)
    An Introduction to Classical Kinetic Theory of Gases abstract
  111. 2016-10-17 汪永杰 (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Robinson–Schensted–Knuth correspondence
  112. 2016-10-17 Prof. Yuan-Pin Lee (Department of Mathematics, University of Utah)
    On functoriality of Gromov--Witten theory abstract
  113. 2016-10-19 何友達 (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Blob-Based Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction abstract
  114. 2016-10-20 許健明 教授 (本所)
    Some recent results on degenerate parabolic equation abstract
  115. 2016-10-26 簡毓延 博士 (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    An Introduction to Hyperbolic Groups abstract
  116. 2016-11-02 山盛厚伺 博士 Dr. Atsushi Yamamori (本所)
    How to compute Bergman kernel functions abstract
  117. 2016-11-03 俞韋亘 (Michigan State University)
    New bounds for equiangular lines and spherical two-distance sets abstract
  118. 2016-11-07 Prof. Varghese Mathai (The University of Adelaide, Australia)
    Geometry of pseudodifferential algebra bundles abstract
  119. 2016-11-09 鍾展良 博士 (本所)
    Sum formulas of multiple zeta values with arguments are multiple of a positive integer abstract
  120. 2016-11-09 Prof. István Mező (南京信息工程大學)
    The Lambert function, its generalizations and applications abstract
  121. 2016-11-10 島倉裕樹 Prof. Hiroki Shimakura (Tohoku University)
    On holomorphic vertex operator algebras of central charge 24 abstract
  122. 2016-11-10 鄭任遠 Ren Y. Cheng (Fidelity Management & Research Company)
    Understanding financial systemic risk
  123. 2016-11-16 張瑞恩(National Taiwan University)
    The bounds of Hausdorff measure of nodal sets abstract
  124. 2016-11-18 Dr. Taiji Marugame (東京大學)
    Volume renormalization for the Blaschke metric on strictly convex domains abstract
  125. 2016-11-21 黃建豪 (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Schur measure and directed last passage percolation
  126. 2016-11-23 Dr. Nadim Rustom (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    A Promenade Along Modern Algebraic Number Theory abstract
  127. 2016-11-24 王金龍 教授 (國立台灣大學)
    K-equivalence and algebraic cycles abstract
  128. 2016-11-25 陳志瑋 (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Representation theory of periplectic Lie superalgebra: Part (1)
  129. 2016-11-25 葉麗琴教授 (國立清華大學)
    Dynamical Systems with Super-massive Binary Black Holes in Centers of Galaxies abstract
  130. 2016-12-01 Dr. Homare Tadano (Osaka University)
    Some Cheeger-Gromov-Taylor Type Compactness Theorems for Ricci Solitons abstract
  131. 2016-12-02 陳志瑋 (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Representation theory of periplectic Lie superalgebra: Part (2)
  132. 2016-12-07 Dr. Manas Kar (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Inverse parameter identification problems for $p$-Laplace equation abstract
  133. 2016-12-09 陳志瑋 (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Representation theory of periplectic Lie superalgebra: Part (3)
  134. 2016-12-12 Prof. Lih-Yuan Deng (University of Memphis)
    Enhancements on Linear Random Number Generators via Shuffling and Mixing abstract
  135. 2016-12-14 何遼 博士 (本所)
    Enumeration of convex polytopes abstract
  136. 2016-12-19 Prof. Richard Schoen (Stanford University and University of California at Irvine)
    Scalar curvature in geometry and general relativity: an overview abstract
  137. 2016-12-21 楊策仲 博士 (本所)
    Counting isoclasses superspecial abelian surfaces over finite fields abstract
  138. 2016-12-29 王偉強教授 (University of Virginia)
    What is categorification? abstract

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