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Archive of Past Colloquia - 2019 
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  1. 2019-01-03 Sheng-Fu Chiu (Academia Sinica)
    Wrapped Microlocal Sheaves II abstract
  2. 2019-01-03 Chun-Ju Lai (University of Georgia)
    Constructing q-Schur algebras of type B via coordinate coalgebras abstract
  3. 2019-01-04 Wenjie Fang (TU Graz)
    Planar maps and Tamari-like intervals abstract
  4. 2019-01-04 Sheng-Fu Chiu (Academia Sinica)
    Wrapped Microlocal Sheaves III abstract
  5. 2019-01-04 Professor Lien-Yung “Nyima” Kao (University of Chicago)
    Thurston’s Riemannian Metric on Teichmuller Spaces abstract
  6. 2019-01-04 Dr. Marco Fasondini (University of Kent)
    The computation of differential equations in the complex plane abstract
  7. 2019-01-04 Guo-Jhen Wu (Brown University)
    Optimal temperature selection for infinite swapping in the low temperature limit abstract
  8. 2019-01-07 Prof. Sijue Wu (University of Michigan)
    On the motion of angled crested water waves.
  9. 2019-01-14 Prof. Keiji Oguiso (The University of Tokyo)
    Smooth projective surfaces with discrete and non-finitely generated automorphism group abstract
  10. 2019-01-15 Dr. Yishuo Shi (Institute of Information Science)
    Design of Algorithm for Fault-Tolerant Virtual Backbone in Wireless Networks and Influence Propagation in Social Networks abstract
  11. 2019-01-15 Prof. Zhicheng Gao (Carleton University)
    Asymptotic properties of compositions over finite groups. abstract
  12. 2019-01-17 Prof. Lawrence Ein (University of Illinois at Chicago)
    Geometry of a generic hypersurface in the projective space abstract
  13. 2019-01-17 1.Yu-Jui Su (National Taiwan University), Jin-Cheng Jiang (National Tsing Hua University) 2.Se Eun Noh (Myongji University)
    1.On Landau's equation 2.On Chapman–Enskog expansion
  14. 2019-01-18 Yi-ning Hsiao (University of Geneva)
    The E-polynomials of a stratification of the Hilbert scheme of points. abstract
  15. 2019-01-18 1. Hayoung Choi (ShanghaiTech University) 2. Seonguk Yoo (Gyeongsang National University)
    1.Comparing large-scale graphs based on quantum probability theory 2.Any finite sequence has an interpolating measure abstract
  16. 2019-01-24 Prof. Yuan-Pin Lee (University of Utah)
    Variations on the theme of quantum Lefschetz hyperplane theorem abstract
  17. 2019-01-31 Prof. Ching Hung Lam (Academia Sinica)
    Leech lattice and holomorphic vertex operator algebras of central charge 24. abstract
  18. 2019-02-15 Professor Takayuki Koike (Osaka City University)
    Complex analysis on a neighborhood of a complex submanifold and its applications abstract
  19. 2019-02-15 1. Eiichi Bannai (Kyushu University) 2. Shimei Ma (Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao)
    1.Design theory from the viewpoint of algebraic combinatorics 2.Some problems related to Eulerian recurrence relations abstract
  20. 2019-02-19 Jack Koolen (University of Science and Technology of China)
    Applications of Hoffman graphs abstract
  21. 2019-03-08 1.洪智捷(National Taiwan University) 2.Liuquan Wang (Wuhan University&NCTS)
    1.Polynomial methods in combinatorics 2.Zeros of the deformed exponential function abstract
  22. 2019-03-18 Professor Richard Moeckel (University of Minnesota)
    Relative equilibrium configurations of gravitationally interacting rigid bodies abstract
  23. 2019-03-18 Prof. Hao-Wei Huang (National Sun Yat-sen University)
    Bi-free Extreme Values abstract
  24. 2019-03-21 1. Kazuo Aoki (NCKU & NCTS) 2. Ping-Han Chuang (NTU)
    1. A kinetic model for a polyatomic gas with temperature-dependent specific heats and its application to shock-wave structure 2. On velocity averaging lemma
  25. 2019-03-22 1.Tsan Cheng Yu (The State University of New York, University at Buffalo) 2. Yen-Jen Cheng (National Taiwan Normal University)
    1.The Second Moments of Hecke-Maass Forms for $SL(3, \mathbb{Z})$ 2.Addressing problem and the distance matrix of a graph abstract
  26. 2019-03-25 Prof. Hiroaki Hata (Shizuoka University)
    An optimal consumption and investment problem with a power utility function : Risk-seeking case. abstract
  27. 2019-04-01 Shigeyoshi Ogawa (Ritsumeikan University)
    A Lagrangian numerical scheme for the noncausal stochastic integral abstract
  28. 2019-04-08 Ren Y. Cheng (Fidelity Management & Research Company)
  29. 2019-04-15 Francesco Russo (ENSTA ParisTech)
    1.Backward Stochastic Differential Equations, Martingale Problems, Associated Deterministic Equations and Applications to Hedging under Basis Risk (Mathematical Finance) 2.Recent Developments in Stochastic Calculus via Regularizations with Jumps and Applications to BSDEs. abstract
  30. 2019-04-16 Francesco Russo (ENSTA ParisTech)
    McKean Stochastic Differential Equations and Non-conservative PDEs abstract
  31. 2019-04-18 1.Jin-Cheng Jiang (National Tsing Hua University) 2.Hung-Wen Kuo (National Cheng Kung University)
    1.From Boltzmann collision operator to Landau collision operator. 2.Equilibrating effect of boundary in the kinetic theory
  32. 2019-04-19 1.Bernhard Gittenberger (Vienna University of Technology) 2.Momoko Hayamizu (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics and JST PRESTO)
    1.Asymptotic enumeration of compacted trees with bounded right height 2.A structure theorem for tree-based phylogenetic networks and its algorithmic applications abstract
  33. 2019-04-26 1.Chung Pang Mok (Academia Sinica) 2.Wing-Kai Hon (National Tsing Hua University)
    1.Introduction to the Langlands program through classical examples in algebraic number theory, I 2.Tiny-Pan Coin Weighing Problem abstract
  34. 2019-04-26 Dr. Yi-Sheng Wang (NCTS)
    On Kneser's conjecture for 3-manifolds with boundary abstract
  35. 2019-04-29 Prof. Shih-Hsien Yu (National University of Singapore)
    Weak solutions for compressible Navier-Stokes equations. abstract
  36. 2019-05-02 Tai-Ping Liu (Academia Sinica)
    Discussions on Shock Waves.
  37. 2019-05-06 Professor Frank Jia-Ming Liou (National Cheng Kung University)
    An explicit solution of a mean field equation on hyperelliptic curves. abstract
  38. 2019-05-10 1.Chung Pang Mok (Academia Sinica) 2.Meng-Tsung Tsai (National Chiao Tung University)
    1.Introduction to the Langlands program through classical examples in algebraic number theory, II 2.Syntactic Separation of Subset Satisfiability Problems abstract
  39. 2019-05-14 Jinwan Park (Academia Sinica)
    The Regularity Theory for the Double Obstacle Problem abstract
  40. 2019-05-15 Sasha Minets (IST Austria)
    Cohomological Hall algebras and sheaves on surfaces abstract
  41. 2019-05-16 Tai-Ping Liu (Academia Sinica)
    Discussions on Shock Waves.
  42. 2019-05-16 Professor Kuo-Shih Tseng (National Central University)
    Learning in Human and Robot Search: Subgoal, Submodularity and Sparsity abstract
  43. 2019-05-17 Dr. Guokuan Shao (Academia Sinica)
    $S^1$-equivariant index theorems and Morse inequalities on complex manifolds with boundary abstract
  44. 2019-05-24 1.Daniel Krenn (Uppsala Universitet) 2.Jephian C.-H. Lin (National Sun Yat-sen University)
    1.Asymptotic Analysis of Optimal Multi-Pivot Quicksort 2.Sign patterns requiring a unique inertia abstract
  45. 2019-05-24 Professor Yuan-Pin Lee (University of Utah)
    Introduction and rondo capriccioso in GWT
  46. 2019-05-27 Professor David Masser (University of Basel)
    On Siegel's Lemma. abstract
  47. 2019-06-03 Professor Chung-Jun Tsai (National Taiwan University)
    The minimal sphere in the Atiyah--Hitchin manifold abstract
  48. 2019-06-03 Prof. Xunyu Zhou ( Columbia University)
    Gaussian Exploration abstract
  49. 2019-06-05 Dr. Jian Zhang (Academia Sinica)
    Combinatorial construction of Gelfand–Tsetlin modules for gl(n) abstract
  50. 2019-06-06 John Duncan (Emory University)
    Moonshine and Arithmetic abstract
  51. 2019-06-12 Dr. Ryo Sato (Academia Sinica)
    On the Kazama-Suzuki coset construction and its finite-dimensional analog abstract
  52. 2019-06-14 1.Shin-Yao Jow (National Tsing Hua University) 2.Hung-Lung Wang (National Taiwan Normal University)
    1.Dvir’s proof of the Kakeya conjecture over finite fields 2.Enumerating vertex elimination orderings abstract
  53. 2019-06-14 Professor Wan-Keng Cheong (National Cheng Kung University)
    A higher genus version of SYM-HILB correspondence abstract
  54. 2019-06-18 Yichen Liu (Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University)
    Symmetry and converse symmetry in rearrangement optimization problems abstract
  55. 2019-06-20 Hung-Wen Kuo (National Cheng Kung University)
    On gravitation and diffuse reflection.
  56. 2019-06-24 Daniel Hernandez-Hernandez (CIMAT, Mexico)
    Optimal Execution with Multiplicative Price Impact abstract
  57. 2019-06-27 蘇于瑞 (NTU)
    Diffuse Boundary under Gravity Field
  58. 2019-06-27 Wei-Hsuan Yu (National Central University)
    Maximum spherical $s$-distance sets in Euclidean space abstract
  59. 2019-06-28 Prof. Uwe Schauz (Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University)
    Some Typical Applications of the Combinatorial Nullstellensatz abstract
  60. 2019-07-02 Yong Yu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
    Disclinations in 3D Landau-de Gennes theory abstract
  61. 2019-07-04 蘇于瑞 (NTU)
    Diffuse boundary under gravity field
  62. 2019-07-08 Aaron Nung Kwan Yip (Purdue University)
    Analysis of thresholding schemes for interfacial motions abstract
  63. 2019-07-08 Fushing Hsieh (University of California, Davis)
    Intelligence in musculoskeltal system computing abstract
  64. 2019-07-09 Prof. Minyi Huang (Carleton University)
    Mean Field Games: A brief overview and new results abstract
  65. 2019-07-12 Stanley Chou (渣打銀行資深副總)
  66. 2019-07-16 Prof. Jiun-Ming Chen (National Taiwan University)
  67. 2019-07-16 1.Pak Tung Ho (Sogang University) 2.Soojung Kim (Soongsil University)
    1.Uniqueness results on CR manifolds 2.Anisotropic liquid crystal flows in an applied magnetic field abstract
  68. 2019-07-17 Hao-Chiang Shao (Fu Jen Catholic University)
    DNN-based image processing methods: classification, recognition, and translation.
  69. 2019-07-18 陳重吉(台大資工系)
  70. 2019-07-18 I-Kun Chen (National Taiwan University)
    Free transport equation on bounded domain
  71. 2019-07-19 1.Ma Jun (Shanghai JiaoTong University) 2.Shi-Mei Ma (Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao)
    1.Tutte polynomial of an Eulerian graph 2.David-Barton type identities and the alternating run polynomials of permutations abstract
  72. 2019-07-19 Gang-Xuan Lin (Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica)
    Reconstruction Methods in Compressed Sensing: From Traditional Iterative Methods to Deep Neural Networks.
  73. 2019-07-19 Prof. Chi-Yun Hsu (Harvard University/UCLA)
    Ramification of the Hilbert eigenvariety at classical points I abstract
  74. 2019-07-19 Prof. Jiun-Ming Chen (National Taiwan University)
  75. 2019-07-23 Prof. Jiun-Ming Chen (National Taiwan University)
  76. 2019-07-23 Dr. Kai-Min Chung (Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica)
  77. 2019-07-24 1.蘇于瑞 (NTU) 2.陳逸昆(NTU)
    1.Diffuse boundary under gravity field 2.Partially diffuse boundary value problem for free transport equation.
  78. 2019-07-26 Prof. Jiun-Ming Chen (National Taiwan University)
  79. 2019-07-26 Prof. Chi-Yun Hsu (Harvard University/UCLA)
    Ramification of the Hilbert eigenvariety at classical points II abstract
  80. 2019-07-26 Shen-Ning Tung (Universitat Duisburg-Essen/UBC)
    On the finiteness of the patched completed cohomology abstract
  81. 2019-07-30 Prof. Jiun-Ming Chen (National Taiwan University)
  82. 2019-07-30 Xi Chen (Dalian University of Technology)
    Analytical properties of triangles related to Motzkin numbers abstract
  83. 2019-07-30 Jianping Li (Yunnan University)
    Approximation algorithms for constructing required subgraphs using stock pieces of fixed length abstract
  84. 2019-07-31 陳耀鑫博士 (索拉能源)
  85. 2019-08-02 郭博鈞 (Byzantine Lab)
  86. 2019-08-02 黃朝秋 (BSOS)
    從0到1 - 企業導入區塊鏈機會與挑戰 abstract
  87. 2019-08-05 Prof. Sophia Jang (Texas Tech University)
    Deterministic predator-prey models with disease in the prey population abstract
  88. 2019-08-05 郭博鈞 (Byzantine Lab)
  89. 2019-08-06 Haisheng Li ( Rutgers, Camden)
    Deforming vertex algebras by vertex bialgebras abstract
  90. 2019-08-07 曾一凡教授 (政治大學資科系)
  91. 2019-08-09 [Cancelled]Cheng-Yu HAN (Paris-Sud University)
  92. 2019-08-13 黃凱彬博士 (GDP Inc.)
    Local Ethereum
  93. 2019-08-13 1.Suijie Wang (Hunan University) 2.Chun-Hung Liu (Texas A&M University)
    1.Derived Matroids 2.Cycle lengths, minimum degree, connectivity and chromatic number abstract
  94. 2019-08-14 蘇于瑞 (National Taiwan University)
    Diffuse boundary under gravity field
  95. 2019-08-16 Yuan-Hsun Lo (National Pingtung University)
    Random and Deterministic Schemes for a Collision Channel without Feedback abstract
  96. 2019-08-19 Rahul Roy (Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi)
    Drainage networks and the Brownian web abstract
  97. 2019-08-20 Lan Tang (Central China Normal University)
    On a class of boundary homogenization abstract
  98. 2019-08-21 Xiaoyu Zhang (University of Duisburg-Essen)
    L-values and Selmer groups of Siegel modular forms of genus 2 abstract
  99. 2019-08-23 Xiaoyu Zhang (University of Duisburg-Essen)
    L-values and Selmer groups of Siegel modular forms of genus 2 (II) abstract
  100. 2019-08-29 Kazuki Tokimoto (Kyoto University)
    On the reduction modulo p of representations of a quaternion division algebra over a p-adic field abstract
  101. 2019-09-10 Juan-Ming Yuan (Providence University)
    Quantum Zakharov Equations
  102. 2019-09-17 Juan-Ming Yuan (Providence University)
    Quantum Zakharov Equations (2) abstract
  103. 2019-09-18 Bingying Lu (Academia Sinica)
    Riemann-Hilbert problem and Painleve-I equation abstract
  104. 2019-09-20 Zhibin Du (Zhaoqing University)
    The Estrada index of graphs abstract
  105. 2019-09-24 Prof. Mourad Ismail (University of Central Florida)
    The $q$-Normal Distribution and $q$-Hermite polynomials abstract
  106. 2019-09-26 Professor Ki-Ahm Lee (Seoul National University)
    Degenerate Nonlinear Partial differential Equations in Curvature Flows abstract
  107. 2019-10-02 Yuki Chino (National Center for Theoretical Sciences))
    Stochastic processes in random media abstract
  108. 2019-10-04 Prof. Jack H. Koolen (University of Science and Technology of China)
    The Lemmens-Seidel Conjecture abstract
  109. 2019-10-04 Prefessor Guokuan SHAO (Sun Yat-Sen University, Zhuhai Campus)
    G-equivariant Szego kernel asymptotics on CR manifolds abstract
  110. 2019-10-07 1.Yu-Jui Su (NTU) 2.Chun-Hsiung Hsia (NTU)
    1.Diffuse boundary under gravity field 2.Boltzmann equation near vacuum
  111. 2019-10-08 Dr. Daehwan Kim (Korea Institute for Advances Study)
    Homothetic and translating solitons for the inverse mean curvature flow abstract
  112. 2019-10-16 Shih-Yu Chen (Academia Sinica)
    On The Algebraicity of The Symmetric Sixth Power $L$-functions of Elliptic Modular Forms abstract
  113. 2019-10-17 Professor Ulrich Menne (National Taiwan Normal University)
    The concept of varifold abstract
  114. 2019-10-21 Prof. Alexander Bobylev (Russian Academy of Sciences)
    On a class of self-similar solutions of the Boltzmann equation abstract
  115. 2019-10-21 1.Chun-Hsiung Hsia (NTU) 2.Hung-Wen Kuo (NCKU)
    1.Boltzmann equation near vacuum. 2. Kinetic Model for a Polyatomic Gas with Temperature-Dependent Specific Heats and Its Application to Shock-Wave Structure
  116. 2019-10-23 Junsik Bae (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Solitary waves of the Euler-Poisson system abstract
  117. 2019-10-25 Prof. Chun-Chen Yeh (National Kaohsiung Normal University)
    Computational Forensics and Event Reconstruct abstract
  118. 2019-10-28 Prof. Hung-Wen Kuo (National Cheng Kung University)
    A Kinetic Model for a Polyatomic Gas with Temperature-Dependent Specific Heats and Its Application to Shock-Wave Structure
  119. 2019-10-30 Benoit Collins (Kyoto University)
    Norm estimates for polynomials in random permutations abstract
  120. 2019-10-30 You Hung Hsu (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Shifted q=0 affine algebras. abstract
  121. 2019-11-06 Bharathwaj Palvannan (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Codimension two cycles in Iwasawa theory abstract
  122. 2019-11-06 Ziqing Xiang (Academia Sinica)
    Support varieties for Iwahori-Hecke algebras abstract
  123. 2019-11-07 Ren Y. Cheng (Fidelity Management & Research Company)
    經濟均衡的幻覺 Equilibrium Illusion
  124. 2019-11-11 1.Tai-Ping Liu (Academia Sinica) 2. Hung-Wen Kuo (National Cheng Kung University) 3. Jhe-Kuan Su (National Taiwan University), Ping-Han Chuang (National Taiwan University)
    1.evaporation/condensation 2.A Kinetic Model for a Polyatomic Gas with Temperature-Dependent Specific Heats and Its Application to Shock-Wave Structure 3.Regularity of Stationary Solutions to the Linearized Boltzmann Equations
  125. 2019-11-13 Bochen Liu (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Interplay between analysis and combinatorics: distance, tiling, and exponential basis abstract
  126. 2019-11-15 Masahiko Miyamoto (University of Tsukuba / Academia Sinica)
    Deep holes for Leech lattice VOA.
  127. 2019-11-19 Prof. Oleg I. Morozov (AGH University of Science and Technology)
    Integrability via cohomology: algebraic structures behind integrable nonlinear differential equations. abstract
  128. 2019-11-20 Chen Hao (Universitat Gottingen)
    Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces, my recent adventures abstract
  129. 2019-11-21 Professor Neil Trudinger (Australian National University)
    Classical solvability of generated Jacobian equations in geometric optics abstract
  130. 2019-11-21 1.Tai-Ping Liu (Academia Sinica) 2. Hung-Wen Kuo (National Cheng Kung University)
    1.evaporation/condensation 2.A Kinetic Model for a Polyatomic Gas with Temperature-Dependent Specific Heats and Its Application to Shock-Wave Structure
  131. 2019-11-21 Prof. Keonhee Lee (Chungnam National University)
    Spectral Decomposition and Stability of Flows with Expansive Measures abstract
  132. 2019-11-21 Prof. Keonhee Lee (Chungnam National University)
    Why Dynamical Systems? abstract
  133. 2019-11-22 1.Prof. Dimbinaina Ralaivaosaona (Stellenbosch University) 2.Mr. Martin Pepin (Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris 6, Sorbonne University)
    1.Sparse random acyclic digraphs 2.Uniform random sampling of executions in non-deterministic Fork-Join programs abstract
  134. 2019-11-22 Ching Hung Lam (Academia Sinica)
    Automorphism groups of cyclic orbifold of lattice VOAs.
  135. 2019-11-25 Prof. Helene Esnault (Freie Universitat Berlin)
    The hard Lefschetz theorem, classical methods and some recent progress abstract
  136. 2019-11-27 Sanghyuck Moon (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Variational methods for an elliptic equation and system abstract
  137. 2019-11-27 Ryo Sato (Academia Sinica)
    Logarithmic extension of the Kazama-Suzuki coset model abstract
  138. 2019-11-29 Weixia Zhu (Academia Sinica)
    Spectral Stability of the $\bar{\partial}$-Neumann Laplacian abstract
  139. 2019-12-02 1.Tai-Ping Liu (Academia Sinica) 2.Guo-Hau Luo (National Taiwan University)
    1.evaporation/condensation 2.Validity and Regularization of Classical Half-Space Equations
  140. 2019-12-04 Arasteh Rad (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Langlands Program and Manifestations of Shtukas abstract
  141. 2019-12-11 Yoshihiro Sugimoto (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Symplectic topology and Hamiltonian dynamics abstract
  142. 2019-12-16 Prof. Tommaso Ruggeri (University of Bologna)
    New Frontiers in Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics abstract
  143. 2019-12-16 Guo-Hau Luo (National Taiwan University)
    Validity and Regularization of Classical Half-Space Equations
  144. 2019-12-20 1.Hung-ping Tsao (San Francisco State University) 2.Chun-Ju Lai (University of Georgia)
    1.Recursive Structures of Triangular Arrays based on Arithmetic Progressions 2.Irreducible components of two-row Springer fibers and Nakajima quiver varieties abstract
  145. 2019-12-23 Lien-Yung Kao (University of Chicago)
    Properties of Equilibrium States for Manifolds without Focal Points abstract
  146. 2019-12-25 David Wen (National Center for Theoretical Sciences)
    Birational Models of Elliptic Fibrations and Beyond abstract
  147. 2019-12-30 Meng-Che Ho (Purdue University)
    Groups and Logic abstract
  148. 2019-12-30 Dr. Esmail Arasteh Rad (NCTS)
    Local models for the moduli of G-shtukas abstract