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Summer School


2018 Summer School Admitted Applicants [2018]


Course 1: Mathematical Finance and Financial Technology (20):
Admitted students(15):

Course 2: Mathematical Signal Processing and Data Analysis (16):
Admitted students(13):

Course 3: Cryptography (15):
Admitted students(14):


Summer School Program Prospectus for 2018 [2018]


Summer School Program for Undergraduate Students


I. Duration and Place

Six weeks: July 9(Mon) -- August 17 (Fri), 2018

at the Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica

From Mondays to Fridays: Lectures in the morning; discussions, practicals, computer-based learning, etc in the afternoon.

Several guest talks or activities arranged by course instructors during the course.


II. Qualification

Excellent students with prerequisites required by the selected course.


III. Documents for Application

1. Statement of Purpose: describing motivations and thoughts of learning mathematics.  

2. Academic transcript.

3. Resume: including English name, E-mail, phone number, postal address and passport-sized photo.

All applications must be register online. 
From March 29 (09:00) until May 1 (15:00), 2018.

The list of admitted students will be announced on our website on May 26 (Fri) and be informed individually as well.


IV. Courses


■ Course 1: Mathematical Finance and Financial Technology

Ju-yi Yen (Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Cincinnati)
Ching-tang Wu (Department of Applied Mathematics, National Chiao Tung University)
Li-Hsien Sun(Graduate Institute of Statistics, National Central University)
Chuan-hsiang Sean Han (Department of Quantitative Finance, National Tsing Hua University)

Prerequisites: calculus, linear algebra, probability (or mathematical statistics)


■ Course 2: Mathematical Signal Processing and Data Analysis


Guangliang Chen (San Jose State University)
Alexander POWELL (Vanderbilt University)
Patrice Koehl (University of California, Davis)
Andreas Heinecke (Yale-NUS College)
Ting-Li Chen (Academia Sinica)
Wen-Liang Hwang (Academia Sinica)

Prerequisites: calculus, linear algebra


■ Course 3: Cryptography

Organizer: Chia-Liang Sun (Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica)


Kai-Min Chung (Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica)
Yu-Chi Chen (Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Yuan Ze University)
Julie Tzu-Yueh Wang (Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica)

Expected Speakers: Jiun-Ming Chen (National Taiwan University)、Hsu-Chun Hsiao (National Taiwan University)、Raylin Tso (National Chengchi University)、Chia-Mu Yu (National Chung Hsing University)、Yao-Hsin Chen (索拉能源股份有限公司)

Course website:


V. Subsidies and Certificate

Subsidies are available for up to 15 students for each course. The amount of the subsidies might be adjusted according to the student’s performance.

An essay should be submitted one week prior to the program ends. The certificate and the subsidies will be awarded to the qualified ones.


VI. Accommodation

We may help students from central or southern Taiwan to arrange accommodation.


VII. Contacts

Address: 6th Floor, Astronomy-Mathematics Building,
No.1, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Da-an District, Taipei 10617, Taiwan
Telephone: (02)2368-5999 ext. 336 (Ms. Tsae-Yunn Wan)