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Derived analytic geometry and global Hodge theory

  • Date : 2023/12/29 (Fri.) 14:00~17:00
  • Location : Auditorium, 6 Floor, Institute of Mathematics (NTU Campus)
  • Speaker : Kobi Kremnizer (University of Oxford)
  • Abstract : In this talk I will explain a framework for derived analytic geometry over any Banach ring using bornological methods. The category of (simplicial) bornological modules gives a good context for applying the methods of relative algebraic geometry. This is joint work with Bambozzi, Ben-Bassat and Kelly. I will briefly describe how this approach is related to condensed mathematics of Clausen and Scholze. I will then explain how one can define a category of global (φ,Γ)-modules and a cohomology theory valued in this category giving an approach to global Hodge theory. This is joint work in progress with Bambozzi and Kelly.