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2024 Symposium for Newly Elected Academicians - Mu-Tao Wang

  • Date : 2024/06/27 (Thu.) 10:00~11:00
  • Location : Room 202, 2F, Astro-Math. Building
  • Speaker : Mu-Tao Wang (Columbia University)
  • Title : The mathematical theory of general relativity
  • Abstract : In 1915, when Einstein revealed the gravitational nature of spacetime, a new language was needed to express this groundbreaking concept. Remarkably, the necessary mathematics had already been developed 50 years prior by Riemann. In terms of Riemannian geometry, spacetime could be described as a Lorentzian manifold satisfying the now-famous Einstein equation. It was later discovered that the evolution of spacetime itself could be formulated as an initial value problem of a nonlinear system of hyperbolic partial differential equations. This is the foundation of what we now call the mathematical theory of general relativity, placing it squarely at the crossroads of differential geometry and partial differential equations. Today, this field remains vibrant and dynamic, with recent discoveries and renewed interest constantly pushing the boundaries of our understanding.