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Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Bridgeland stability on Cynk-Hulek varieties

  • Date : 2024/06/25 (Tue.) 10:00~12:00
  • Location : online
  • Speaker : Saket Shah (University of Michigan)
  • Organizer : Arkadij Bojko < abojko (at) gate (dot) sinica (dot) edu (dot) tw >
  • Website : https://wiki.preschema.com/ag-seminar
  • Abstract : Bridgeland stability conditions are a generalization of the classical notion of slope stability for vector bundles on curves. However, it is in general a subtle problem to construct stability conditions on varieties in dimensions greater than 3. Building on work of Liu yielding stability conditions on products of curves, along with input from general theory on equivariant categories, we produce stability conditions on a certain family of strict Calabi-Yau varieties of arbitrary dimension by proving a case of the derived McKay correspondence. This is joint work with Alexander Perry.