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The IoM Visiting Student Program

The Institute of Mathematics invites applications from distinguished international graduate students with strong background in mathematical sciences who are interested in visiting the institute for a period of 3 months up to 1 year for the purpose of working with a faculty member (or members) of the institute towards completion of their dissertations. Interested students are asked to first contact the faculty member(s) at the institute that he/she is interested in working with, and obtain their approval before submitting their application.

In addition to providing office space in the institute, computer and library access, the institute will also be able to provide to a successful applicant limited financial support partially covering local expenses, subject to eligibility of the applicant and availability of funds. Only applicants currently enrolled in a Ph.D. degree (or equivalent) program of an accredited university will be considered.

After obtaining the approval of the institute faculty member(s) of their choice, applicants should provide copies of all their graduate transcripts in English (including the most recent one), and arrange for at least one confidential letter of reference from an expert familiar with their mathematical abilities and potentials as research mathematicians.

In addition, application should include a resume and a statement of purpose of the visit.

All correspondences should be sent to vsprogram@math.sinica.edu.tw