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Tsai, Cheng-Chiang

Tsai, Cheng-Chiang

Associate Research Fellow

Research Fields: Representation Theory, Number Theory,

Email : chchtsai@gate.sinica.edu.tw

Extension : 744

Personal Website

Currently I am the most interested in character sheaves on loop groups. I am also interested in explicit local Langlands, in graded Springer theory, and in the interplay of above topics with endoscopy.

  • B.S. in Mathematics National Taiwan University 2006-2010
  • Ph.D in Mathematics Harvard University 2011-2015

  • Member IAS 2016 spring
  • C.L.E. Moore instructor MIT 2015-2017
  • Szegö assistant professor Stanford 2017-2020

  • 2016, Silver Prize, New World Mathematics Award, Doctoral Thesis Award
  • 2014, Merit Fellowship (for graduate students), Harvard

  • "Wave-front sets for $p$-adic Lie algebras", arXiv, 2023
  • "On two definitions of wave-front sets for $p$-adic groups", arXiv, 2023
  • "Geometric wave-front set may not be a singleton", Journal of the AMS, 2023
  • (with Oscar S. Kivinen) "Shalika germs for tamely ramified elements in GL_n", arXiv, 2022
  • (with Tony Feng, Niccolo Ronchetti) "Epipelagic Langlands parameters and $L$-packets for unitary groups", International Journal of Number Theory, 1449-1491, 2020
  • "Invariant distributions on the nilcone", Proceedings of the Seventh International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians, 2, 77-85, 2019
  • "Components of affine Springer fibers", International Mathematics Research Notices, 2018
  • "A formula for certain Shalika germs of ramified unitary groups", Compositio Mathematica, 2017
  • "Inductive structure of Shalika germs and affine Springer fibers", arXiv, 2015
  • "Computations of orbital integrals and Shalika germs", arXiv, 2014